My UR22 doesn't work on my replacement desktop computer

Hi, at the start I should state I’m a complete uninformed and uneducated know nothing when it comes to computers. And when I read other complex answers on this site I often have no idea of the meanings. So please keep this in mind. So here goes …

I bought a UR22 about 8 or so years ago for recording my original songs on my computer. Since then the UR22 has worked perfectly and satisfied all my recording needs. Two weeks ago the computer was badly damaged in an accident, so I bought a refurbished second hand computer that’s in excellent condition and works well.

When I plug the UR22, with the mic connected to it, into the replacement computer and click on Audacity’s “record”, then a sign always comes up saying “Error opening recording device. Error code: 0 Success”.

I’ve totally forgotten how I originally got the UR22 to work properly when I initially used with with my previous computer. Would I have had to download stuff from the internet in order to make it initially work? Regarding my current computer, would it be necessary to download things in order to make the UR22 work properly?

Also, when I plug the UR22 into my current computer the white USB light flashes repeatedly.

Thanks for any help.

You probably need the driver. That is linked here as is the product’s documentation:

Thanks so much for your reply. It 100% instantly solved the problem. You’re a genius.

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Hi. Glad it worked for you.