My UR22 mkii is not working

Hey guys, I had a problem where when I installed the steinberg USB drivers, my interface would stop and start sound coming through my speaker. This stopping and starting was accompanied by the USB indicator on the interface to blink every time it did this. I tried over and over again to uninstall and install the USB drivers, but that didn’t work. I finally decided to go into device manager and uninstall the actual drivers for the interface itself. When I did this, i restarted my computer, installed USB and firmware for the interface, and it stopped working. It can still be detected by my computer, and according to the sound settings, it is still producing sound, which it isn’t. Another peculiar thing is that when I uninstalled the drivers from the interface, restarted my computer and reinstalled only the USB drivers, the driver updater said that the newest drivers had already been installed. Can anyone please help?

i legit JUST encountered the exact same problem.
this happened right after i updated my macbook pro to catalina.
logic pro x SUCKS now…at least for me.