My USB multiport device causes Cubase to glitch. Can cubase block certain CC midi messages globally?

I was thinking Cubase had a bug, but it’s really a glitch in the USB 4x4 MIDI to USB four port midi in-out device I use.

THe glitch is that the 4x4 midi to USB port seems to go stupid sometimes and engage a usb forwarding feature (ie, midi routing over usb, accidentally, without my intent to turn the feature on, the ports start forwarding data from one port’s midi in to another port’s midi out).

The main frustration in Cubase is that cubase TRACK level instruments seem to frequently respond to incoming MIDI CC PAN CONTROL messages, but do not show their panned state anywhere in the user interface. I would call this a quirk of the VST instrument level instrument. THe MIDI CC PAN CONTROLS do not alter the Cubase TRACK level pan controls. It’s only VST instruments which receive these midi cc pans.

What I would like to do is DEFAULT to having cubase FILTER out all midi CC pan commands before they reach any of my instruments. Is there a default filter for Midi CC somewhere?

Secondly with some Vsts, panning from the channel strip results in one of the audio channels being lost. It seems to be a strange midi quirk that goes away if I change from ALL MIDI INPUTS on a channel to only receiving inputs from one midi port. I believe my audio interface is involved and it’s not a pure cubase bug because if I unplug everything from my midi 4x4 and leave only one keyboard attached to midi in, the problem goes away.

Preferences -> MIDI