My Very Last Feature Requests

Dear Steinberg,

I’ve worked exclusively with Cubase for a few years now. I scored films, video games and I have to say. I’ve enjoyed the software a lot. I’ve also been involved in this forums like many of us to try to point out issues and try to help make Cubase a better software for us users. Well it’s sad to say that after a few disappointing upgrades and updates, you failed to keep me as a yearly paying customer. The cherry on the top was not loading 9.5 sessions. I’ve since switched to Reaper and found that many of the features I was hopping for are already there and I don’t have to pay 150$ a year to get one per year. So here are my last feature requests and maybe we’ll see each other in a few years.

1- A proper Edit Mode (that follows nudges)

2- Video Exports

3- Triplets grid toggle in audio editor & project window

4- Smooth Scrolling

5- Fix the Expression Map midi channel reset on stop

6- Prompt for location when saving preferences like Key Commands, Tracks Presets, Templates, Routings etc…

7- Save folders and groups as presets with routing

8- Proper color and theme manager

9- A small downloadable version of Cubase without all the audio content and native plugins many of us do not even use. Reaper is 11mb. It’s a 1000 times smaller.

10 - Volume, pans and sends directly on Track Controls. Inspector is taking to much space and could be close more often.

Good luck!!! I would gladly pay 150$ for these features but not 10 times 150$ spread over ten years!!! Get to work!!! Stop feeding us Nuendo features one at a time and still not able to release a version that loads 9.5 sessions properly.

Nudging works here in edit mode. It follows the object selected, and works right down to 1 sample, and is dependent on the ruler time domain that’s currently active, i.e., timecode for frames. Is that not what you’re seeing?

Can’t say, I’ve used my 24 hour trial. Did not buy because my 9.5 templates never loaded and most of my previous projects.

I had made logical editor commands to nudge notes by frame since I work with pictures and Cubase does not come with small increments nudges that does not snap to grid.

The issue was that Edit Mode does not follow the note, it follows the cursor and did not respond to my logical editor created nudge for 1 frame. So I created a logical editor command for moving the cursor by 1 frame along with the note. 2 logical edits in triggered by 1 macro key commands. Both did not move at the same value.

It’s like 1 frame for the cursor was not equal to 1 frame for the note. The cursor was moving further than the note and this became obvious and out of sync after only 2-3 frame nudges.

Can you make a video of what you are talking about?

I think you’re mistaken about how this works– the workaround was not needed, and probably introduced a variable you were unaware of. I just verified nudging a single midi note one frame at a time, and it worked.

Sounds like you’ve moved on, but the trial license will be available soon and you can check it out again if you’re so inclined.

But you know, that there IS a triplets grid in the key-editor, don’t you? But if you want to see it in the arrangement window, you can change the metrum in the time track, e.g. to 3/4, 6/4, 12/8 or whatever you like, after having changed it, you’ll see the desired grid.

not to derail, but Steve, do who know how I can do a bounce without the file being auto-renamed?

I should have specified. Triplets grid in the audio editor. When manually warping, If I work any polyrhythm, Cubase does not have a way to toggle triplets grid like in the key editor. In fact, the project windows should also work like this. I should be able to toggle triplets grid even in 4/4 without changing the time signature for polyrythmic purposes and quantizing. In Reaper, the arrangement window reacts the same way as the key editor. I updated my original post.