My vsts disappeared

I got Cubase today, and the vsts were showing from the beginning but after i got my interface set up they just disappeared, the names of halion and groove agent are still showing but when I open them it doesn’t show any plugin inside
The only things that’s working is raw ambience
I even tried downloading a vst but it only shows the name of it and not the contents
Please helpppp

Welcome ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Does this mean that the VST window is empty ? Do you have the same with eventual third-party plug-ins/ VSTis and, if so, could you post a screenshot of the Studio > VST Plug-Ins Manager > VST Instruments panel with the Steinberg ones visible ?

Yep, because AFAIK, this pack is a set of audio samples/clips, so they don’t need any plug-ins to be used : an audio track is enough for them…

From here it is hard to tell if you have already VST track instances or if you are trying to create instances for HALion and GA used on a track. I know you may have checked this already but if not…

… open “Steinberg Library Manager” (separate program) and check if content is installed.

… check in the right zone (CMD+ALT+R) VST instruments tab what happens if you click on HALion/Groove Agent (that should show the installed instruments / Kits) and check what happens if you drag HALion or GA into arranger window, that should create a track for the instrument where you then can choose presets from the HALion or GA window directly.