My Wife Gives My Girlfriend the Creeps

My friend Jack Bruno played drums
and I did the rest of the stuff.
Cubase 10, RME Fireface 802.
64 stratocaster into a Todd Sharp JOAT combo.
Vocals - WA 14
Bass direct into UA solo 610

Nice pedal steel sound! Is that a C6 or an “ordinary” one? The steel guitar on the left… what is that?
Did you do that using just Cubase???
Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

Is THAT guitar a strat??? I only now realize that all the guitars on the track are the same strat…!!
Didn’t read your post properly.

Eddo, thanks for listening and your comments. I didn’t play pedal steel on this tune. I use my tremolo bar a lot and I guess that can sound a bit like pedal steel sometimes.
On the guitar tracks I usually apply a bit of the Cubase vintage compressor to even out the sound a bit but still leave a few peaks and valleys. When recording guitar, I always use an sm57 just touching the speaker grill cloth. By the way, I did take up pedal steel 3 years ago and love it. In answering your PM, I’m not sure the value of my 1964 strat these days. I would guess maybe $15,000. I bought in 1976 for $450.
Here’s a track that I played some pedal steel.

Lovely stuff! Nice playing and sublime tone - are you changing pickups or is that one position throughout? On the soloing is it neck, or neck and middle maybe?


I really love your compositions more than anything. I just smile and laugh the whole way through, but the truth is, there is great playing, great singing, and great mixing. I hope you continue to gift us with whatever is new in your world.

Ditto, and sublime buttery tone


Thanks so much for listening and your comments.