My wish list for 1.9...

As a Cubase user and professional musician, I really miss the tempo track to program tempo and signature changes, which is much more important to me than more sounds, more effects, more sophisticated automation etc features… I would love to see that in Cubasis 1.9. Any info if this is in the works or the to-do-list?

Hi Jazzsteve,

We have already this on our feature request list. I can’t say when it will come, but I can say that it is pretty high on our list of priorities.

apart from saying that Cubasis is a wonder of an app and that I’m asking this only to reach perfection :wink: my wishlist for future releases is as follows:

  • a noise reduction with a noise-sampler (over “noisy silence”, to remove it from the rest of the audio, not just a noise gate based on volume, but on frequencies

  • overdub: I would like to record over a track and then hear ONLY the new track and not the two overlapped tracks. And also: the possibility to record over and over a selected bit in loop mode, to choose then the better take

  • … Is it just me, or the rec mode “in” and “out” icons are flipped?

    Thank you very much!

I really miss the stop button, with the same functionality as Cubase: push once - stop, push twice - back to were started playing.

Good idea … +1 from me!

I really want a scale constrained keyboard option …

And more talent… :smiley:

I would like to see a better tempo clock. I cant get audio tracks that are, lets say, 90.76 to sync up with cubasis since it rounds it off to tens. I just got this app so im sure I’ll find something else to wish upon and post here in hopes of implementation. Thank you.

+1 for a tempo track :smiley:

Yes, definitely, +1 more! :wink:

I would love to see ghost parts (as we have in Cubase); this feature is so convenient while songwriting/arranging…

Arranging via copy/paste is somewhat 1990 :wink:

Please give us a drag’n-loop-feature as implemented in Garageband (and countless other DAWs).