My Wish List for Cubase 9

Hi Steiny! I’m a HUGE fan/longtime user. Here is my wish list for Cubase 9. I don’t need any new “bells and whistles”. I’m happy to give you my money for simply improving the features we already have.

  1. VIDEO EXPORT - I would give you my first born if you added a “bounce to quicktime” function similar to Pro Tools or Logic. None of this “Replace audio in Video file” junk. See more here:

  2. VIDEO TRACK VERSIONS - We have “track versions” for all of the other tracks in Cubase. As a film composer I’m always having to modify/conform/adjust my music to new cuts on a film and it would be life saving to switch between the old cut and new cut with “track versions” like you can in Pro Tools with “Playlists.”

  3. SOLO KEY EDITOR - Add back special special new solo function in key editor the super rad way it was briefly in Cubase 7 before the public uproar quashed it. It was so fast and efficent. (You could offer it as a preference so we can have it both ways) See more here:

  4. FREEZE MULTIPLE CHANNELS - Freeze Multiple Channels Simultaneously (it would be so great to select 10 instrument channels and freeze them all with the click of one button, instead of having to freeze them one at a time… it takes forever) See more here:

  5. WAVEFORM ZOOM KEY COMMAND - you know that tiny little scroll cursor in the top right of the project window that makes the waveform bigger and smaller? Well I use that all day long and it would be great to have a key command for that! See more here:

  6. STRAIGHT/PARABOLA LINE TOOL KEY COMMAND - I only ever use the straight and parabola tools. It would be great to be able to assign a key command to each of these instead of scroll through the Sine, Triangle, Square & Paint tools before getting back to the Straight line again.

  7. GLUE KEY COMMAND - Just like I can select multiple regions and mute them with the swift click of a key command, I would love a key command to glue events/notes together, instead of getting the glue tool. It would be so much more efficient! See more here:

  8. KEY COMMAND FOR EACH SPECIFIC RECORDING MODE - I only ever use the “Manual” and “Tape Machine” recording mode and it’s a real bore to have to scroll through all 4 of them to get to the one I want.

  9. COMPOUND METER CLICK TRACK - A click track that will follow a change from simple to compound meter. e.g. A track goes from 4/4 to 6/8. See more here:

  10. BETTER AUDIO POOL - An audio pool for the 21st century! I want to be able to split stereo to mono. I want to be able to combine split mono into stereo interleaved. I want to be able to select a bunch of audio files and EXPORT straight from the pool to a selected folder and be able to convert them to whatever specs I need without changing their name. Currently I have to make a library and drag the files from the pool to the library where I can then convert them to 48k or AIFF, etc. Make it more functional like SNAPPER. See more here:


Such a great list, some of these features are in Nuendo like a lot of 10, I wish they would bring them over to Cubase too I am back and forth between the two DAW’s constantly.

  1. I just ended up using Keyboard Maestro and making a macro that did this I would love waveform zoom to actually go smaller and a key command like Power Claw (Command+Option+Control (⌥⌃)) + left bracket in Pro Tools does to reset to default size instead of the bottom being that.

  2. YES, YES, YES to this, I listed out very much clear detail on this compared to Pro Tools and Logic

  3. You can’t even do this in Nuendo which just seems insane to me since it is flagship Post DAW.

  4. For me the bigger issue is more consistency with modifiers, one of the great strengths is their key command consistency in knowing if you hold option+shift and click or press a key command it will do it for the selected tracks and option will do it for all. I certainly wish that was move consistent in Cubendo one of the things that makes Pro Tools so dog-gone fast!

  5. I’m in the same boat is you those the only two that I never use and I constantly toggle between them I would love to see dedicated commands, better yet just a toggle between the two, but that ain’t going to happen.

To add to your list the biggest thing currently I would add is Pro Tools style automation editing. This irritates me to no end since I have been so spoiled for years in Pro Tools using this. Of course there are so many great features in

Cubase I wouldn’t be using it if there weren’t, I just want it all!

Great list I would upgrade in a heartbeat with all these features!


I would add the ability to Bounce offline like you make in ADOBE video editing stuff where you make a offline bounce workline. You put projects and format you want to export and in the end of the day you go out of the studio leaving the computer rolling and in the morning you have all your bounced tracks done.

Tell me, how many of you have spent hours just bouncing tracks to a record, a backing track player computer, doing master tracks, instrument track, wherever track, 48khz for this support, 44.1khz for that, mp3 for the internet… and so on and so on.

Imagine if you could just request it and by night the computer does it? This would be the biggest workflow enhancemente ever.

Oh, does confuse this with the ability to export multiple tracks, thats implementes. I want to export multiple bounce versions and I dont want to be there to see it. :slight_smile:

  1. Needed very much. The request for that was in the forum of Cubase 7
    and still no changes…

No doubt I just asked about that in the Steinberg booth at AES last week in LA. I found out that the Nuage has that built in with the shuttle while like the Icon does.

Being able to take left and right mono sides of a stereo file and drag them onto a stereo track like you can in ProTools. This makes cleaning up AAF and OMF files very fast, and eliminates extra fader usage when using a control surface. Nuendo needs this as well. If these apps had that one feature I would leave ProTools completely.

Maybe you already are familiar with this but I actually find Nuendo to be a bit more flexible than Pro Tools in this regards since Nuendo lets you drag mono files onto stereo tracks and for me is a wonderful middle ground between Logic and Pro Tools. Pro Tools forces you to have stereo files and doesn’t let you change the panners function between the balanced and stereo. Logic just gives you a balanced panner when it is stereo and makes you use a somewhat confusing plug-in if you want to steer the sound in stereo.

Perhaps there is a preference or something that might solve the problem to just be able to drag the files as you want them on to stereo tracks, I use that too in Pro Tools. Check out the screenshot(s) these are options not found in Pro Tools or Cubase that would be very nice to have.

I agree with your list!! Being able to split stereo file to dual mono and vice versa would be amazing!!!
I would really like it if they could add that possibility in the omf export panel … Pro tools doesn’t support stereo files in omf and I unfortunatly have to work with pro tools at the office :confused:

  1. Enable Timecode, Seconds, Time Signature, and Tempo info view columns option inside the Marker’s window (like in Logic where you have all in one view).

  2. Quantizing in the arrange window causing to accidentally hit the ‘Q’ button while in arrange window if a region is selected. Would like to see this fixed in the next version to only perform the midi quantize function to only those that are selected in the key editor.

  3. The ability to expand the Inspector window horizontally in the arrange window.

Video export would be great. Not so enthused about some of the other suggestions though. For instance when you mention STRAIGHT/PARABOLA LINE TOOL KEY COMMAND, you seem to be implying that having a linear point automation system is okay. We should have smart automation curves between two given points. FL Studio has been way ahead of us on things like this for the longest time. We’re so behind the ‘curve’.

I would like to see the respective path of each vst plugin next to it in the plugin manager.
That’s all :slight_smile:


On my wish-list:

  • Revamped/Updated Generic Remote with OSC support (instead of being MIDI-only)

I would like to be able to automatically align multiple vocal tracks, like in Revoice Pro 3.
I also miss the function to be able to have a pen tool for “writing” vibratos eg. in Variaudio

+1 both of those would be great additions, ARA support for the pitch correction would be super helpful and allow me to use a lot of the tools that Melodyne already has.

I’d also love to see the chord track show at the top of vari-audio

And independent zoom levels for the track devide a button to link or unlink the zoom levels since clearly many people would want them to stay linked including myself a lot of the time.

+1 good OP post, worth Steinbergs attention.


I find adjusting anything in the key editor (velocity, for example) a giant pain, especially if there are a ton of sounds.
It definitely needs an upgrade.


My main wish for cubase 9, Try intergrating the Sequel 3 software into cubase. Main purose so the alphabetical blocks of the arrangement mode in cubase should now be made into the performance mode. That’s just in case if they decide to discontinue with Sequel.