My wishes for C 9

I dont have much bugs to complain about, so my list would be:

  1. Faster GUI, more effective audio engine, optimize, optimize, optimize. (I dont have any RAM or CPU problems now, but optimizations are always good.)
  2. Features introduced in the 8series that need to go: the window egde pop ups, the ruler top half loop click, they are both interfering the workflow and creates lots of extra clicking
  3. Bring back the AOT mixconsole AND a AOT project window as well, for maximizing the screen estate as much as possible
  4. The name abbreviation, dont work. It keeps changing from cubase versions, sometimes its ok now its not. If I cant read the names of my tracks in the mixer, the abbreviation do not work as intended.
    5 . An option to widen the selected track in the mixer, for easier view when you have lots of tracks. Like in cubase VST up to cubase 6.
  5. An better organization of the generic remote commands. I really had to spend time searching to find the right command/function for assigning them to the daw controller. Some generic commands dont even have the same name as the command in the program itself…
  6. Remember, not only EDM producers use Cubase… Its seems to me lots of steinberg focus is developing features aimed at EDM. Some people still record with mics and audio. Remember us too!
  7. A zoom full button also in the mixer.
  8. All the way back in cubase vst, up to c 5 (i think) there was a button, one click to open the inspector. Now its a click to open a meny, a click to select, and a click to close. Give us just a customized button for the inspector, rack, and the othes. Yes, I use KC, but it should be an option for an easy button in the tool area as well.
  9. There are many other suggestions on this page, pls listen to the customers!