My wishlist features for Cubase 11.5 - Cubase 12

1.- Option to insert complete Copyright and authors metadata for WAV and Mp3, as in Wavelab.

2.- Improve quality of musical mode in Sampler Tracks. (There is too many artifacts and low quality when playing around the notes and glide is terrible and im sorry to say this but “musical mode” in FL is surprisingly 10 times better on quality by meaning the sampler.)

3.- Easy and Faster mapping / like Ableton Live and FL Studio (in one mouse click and one controller move).

4.- Improvements for layering instruments tracks by using a MIDI track. (to maintain the transposition of the sources = instruments tracks).

5.- Transpose automation or Pitch Shift able to + 48 st and +48 st.

6.- Freezing multiple tracks.

7.- Include in export settings, render by Folders or VCA faders. (is this one too complex) ?

8.- Slide or Portamento in MIDI Editor individual notes, see reference: 10

9.- Quadrafuzz V1 (back on 64 bits).

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When in the drum editor and map is selected, it would be fantastic if there was a drop down for the “Snap” column so we could pick any of the currently listed options in the quantize snap grid. Currently, I believe the only solution for editing songs with both straight and triplet time is to make separate drum maps and maybe assign them to a macro to switch between them easily.

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totally agree +1

What’s the idea of freezing multiple tracks? Is it not better to it seamless in the background?

Sometimes in a project there are several tracks that you want to freeze when the CPU is already too high, and Cubase does not allow you to work more unless you freeze, so it would be more practical to do it with several tracks at once instead of one by one, the same principle would apply if you want to unfreeze all of them instead of one by one. On the other hand it is a feature request, that I have seen requested many times since many years ago by other users, I think for some of us it would come in handy.


But it is still very strange. It has stupid work flow where you need to do dialogue. Just click on the freeze and it should freeze in background. A shift click to change parameters for the freeze. Then there is no need to multiple freeze.

+1! Also the very important thing for me is full HDPI support without bugs!


Please explain yourself properly, it is not even possible to understand what you are trying to suggest with the “to do dialogue”, “shift click to change parameters” and “freeze on back ground”, ¿¿¿on background???.. ¿¿to do dialogue??

If you mean creating a shortcut to use instead of clicking the orange button in the left panel to freeze, that is not the solution to freeze multiple tracks… And no, “multiple freeze tracks” is not a stupid request, nor is it a strange workflow, but it is stupid to think that because of a new feature being suggested or implemented, a user feels “threatened” that his workflow will change from the way it is now, being that nothing can change, just new options can be implemented for whoever considers it useful, otherwise such users can keep his original workflow without using the new features… or what im missing here?


It is surprising that you can’t freeze multiple tracks. The biggest problem is if you need to do some edits which affects multiple frozen tracks i.e. such as deleting measures.

You have to unfreeze them all, carry out the deletion, and then manually freeze them again one-by-one. It’s an arduous task that the DAW should be doing for you.

When you feel like the slave carrying out manual tasks in software, that’s a real indication that a fix/improvement should be implemented by the developers as we all know computers are perfectly suited for repeat operations.


It is not a stupid request. But it should not be any special case. Select track you need to freeze and then you are done. The problem is that even single track freeze is clumsy, and build functions on other clumsy functions is bad. You first need to make the basic operation seamless, then it will be easier to get the group operation working smoothly.

But why do you worry about it? I still don’t see your point, this is up to the developers, they will decide whether it is workable to implement it or not… Although I don’t see why you think that freezing is “clumsy”… in fact I would like to know the reason before giving an opinion about.

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Every time it pops up a non necessary dialogue it is clumsy. And locking the work flow while processing is also clumsy. It’s so obvious, and if you dont see it when pointed out, Im not the right person to enlighten you about software design.

I like the flexibility of Ableton Live freeze.

Multiple Freeze
Cut copy paste or trim of frozen clips
Frozen tracks follow global time cuts and additions also follow tempo changes.
Frozen clips can be drag copied or moved to a new audio track so they become regular audio files.


It is obvious to whom? to someone who explain with his feet trying to enlighten us?

If the pop up dialog seems " clumsy " to you for displaying options in your clicks to freeze only the instrument, freeze the instrument and channel, tail size and unload the instrument when freezing, then, I think the one who needs to be enlightened is you, to know that this is called freeze options, not clumsiness, and that is why being able to freeze several tracks at once would be helpful instead of having to freeze track by track in one project when is need it.

If what you are suggesting as feature is the possibility to leave the chosen options as preset, so as not to show the dialog again, that is something else that would be useful, however for many of us that would not be enough, as we would still need multiple or batch process.

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For people working with computers. Options should be on the on the option key or shift.

+1! This freeze option in Ableton is simple amazing!


The ability to add more meta data would be so awesome especially when exporting mp3 files.


Since getting side chaining in Elements 11 I am totally happy!

Include Markers in the Edit window.

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which window? if you mean the arrange windows we have markers already :slight_smile: