My wishlist features for Cubase 11.5 - Cubase 12

The editor window below the tracks.

Hi nordlead. After a few more explorations here I found what I needed. I had to uncheck Preferences > Editors > Editor content follows event selection. Now the editor window and the track window remain in sync even after auto-scrolling and changing tracks, so lining things up (which is what I was going for with the marker idea) is much easier. FYI I never, ever use the Arranger Track because most of my stuff isn’t structured that way. Thanks again!

so no leaks yet for cubase 11.5 ? ))
anyway, hope it gives us as much FR as can be done,less clicks and more user friendly as possible. the list is so long and grows with time and tech progress


I ‘d like to have routing possibility from inspector for VSTi tracks like audio tracks already have and not have to open mixer everytime to do that, or am I missing something?

Allowing US to tell CUBASE what we want on our right click. Stop removing things and making everything so damn scattered!
It’s become #Clickbase and the ONLY reason for it is to accommodate those coming from other platforms. That alone is ridiculous. We’re right here Steinberg…


More logical mixer configuration setup and one user preset that load all settings at once. Like it is now for my taste it’s to complicated

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The only thing I really want is the ability to hide all tracks without data in the export menu. I use a film scoring template that has over 600 tracks, and when it comes time to export I have to go through over 600 tracks just to find however many tracks I used in said project, and often times I’ll miss tracks all together since there’s so many to look through. It would make my life much easier if I could just click a button to hide all the unused tracks from the export menu so that I only see the tracks I actually used, I really hope to see this added someday


If you use Cubase 11 you can first select the tracks you want to export on the project page and sync it with the selection in the export menu using the sync icon.

Will be nice to have render in place with side chain


I didnt know this wasnt possible, so +1

This would be great but please make it so the info (metadata) is saved with the project, currently this info is retained from the last exported project so you have to change it when exporting a new project unless I’am missing something?

  1. Freezing Multiple Tracks ******************

Three asks for me -

  1. The ability to export a list of tracks on my template as a *.txt file or similar, regardless if there is content
  2. Midi sends on an instrument track
  3. The ability to resize the left sidebar window to make it wider if needed

Would also be nice to be able to be able to use the notepad as a metadata field and be able to query it using the project logical editor but that’s probably too much to ask.

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Native Dolby Atmos and spatial audio support like Logic 10.7 just released. :heart_eyes:


You can use Nuendo for that,jaja

Yes I know that, but I don’t own Nuendo. I was speaking about Cubase.

Why would anybody need or want to buy software for 3 times the price just for that feature when Logic can do it for 299$

if I understand you. I’m sure they put out some plugin for that … but I don’t think it’s just for v11.5. for something more advanced they would tell you to take advantage of the crossgrade to nuendo, since it is quite accessible, when it is …

Just merge Rack Tracks & Instrument tracks & Midi Tracks
Having them as 3 separate things just bloats tf outta your projects.

It’s a MIDI track OR a MIDI track of an Instrument. Period.
We don’t need hidden automation tracks for each hidden instrument or racks track…it’s sooooo convoluted.

Open a Track, It’s a MIDI track w/an instrument assigned or just a MIDI track. Same for Multitrack Instruments.
Each track has its own automation for that track, PERIOD.
This thing of having to go to the instrument channel and drop down, highlight the track then drop down again Meanwhile the MIDI track for that channel is a totally separate track is mind boggling how this still exists in 2022…seriously.

I understand many people might not work w/multitiberal and external gear but this along w/ the infantile 4band EQ from 1995
has me scratching my head on what Steinberg prioritizes rn. I really believe by Cubase 12 if things don’t improve there will be a better alternative by then for some…

Cubase needs to clean the clutter

While I agree, I doubt that will happen until the code is written from the ground up. Rack Instruments and Track Instruments are the result of Cubase evolution over time. Going back now and “clean the clutter” would most likely be cost prohibitive without screwing up a lot of other functions related to Racks/Tracks. It’s amazing how much stuff here is related to functions you wouldn’t give a thought to…let alone automation.

The same can be said about:
Track Presets
Import/Export Track Archive
save selected/load selected (only works with Rack Instruments)

At least now we have Import tracks from project which is a huge feature for me.