My wishlist for cubase 9

Well it’s almost the holidays. Just my top 5 I hope to see.

  1. Improved CPU performance and efficiency ( around 25 % would do)
  2. VCA, improved and works like the big board VCAs
  3. Track visibilty that works ( adding a drum track in drum visibilty view, does not get added to all visibility views)
  4. The sampler that is coming, will be cutting edge.
  5. Project interface update, Suprise me with project tabs view or something simular to digital performer approach for working by the cue where each tab in a project is a sub project , a cue with its own tempo that does not effect the rest of the project tempo, this is for film scoring, or this could be for creating music by the song in a project. Imagine having your song tracks organized by tabs at the top of the project window each with independent tempos and tracks.

stoking stuffer , Let’s update the stienberg controller , transport and 8 faders.

All I want is for them to consolidate the interface to a single window docking thing like Sonar/Live/Studio One/DP with extensive shortcuts for Showing/Hiding the whole lot…

I’m guessing that a Cubase 9 release should be right around the corner?

Improved CPU performance would be enough for me to upgrade alone. I’m maxing out all the time towards the end of sessions which can really kill my vibe. I hate having to freeze tracks unless i’m forced to.

A sampler would be cool. I can get by with GA but would prefer a nice little one for basic work like Simpler in Live.

Hopefully they have their new (non-QT) Video Engine in Cubase 9.

Please make the Visibility feature from C8 usable!!

  • Only add new track in current Visibility preset (or non at all!)
  • Let PLE filter on multi-output track names from RACK instruments (Track Instruments will be verry hard I guess)

Ouch… Didn’t see that. According to their statement, Maybe March 2017. Which means Cubase 9 will not have the new video-engine when it is first released in Dec. :unamused: