My wishlist for future Dorico updates

OK, so I have only been using Dorico Pro 5 for just over a week.

Still a lot to learn and some hurdles to get over on workflow issues.

I must say I am impressed with Dorico so far, general ease of use, the sound quality and set up workflow is great.

I know the Steinberg team are small and have a lot of work cut out but I can I just out in my vote for a few features, that I see others have indeed raised:

  1. Multi-channel Midi input support: for 2 purposes
    a) I’d love to use Divisimate to input mutli channel parts — a real boon of orchestration input.
    b) For Midi Guitar not having multi-channel (one channel per string) input for Guitar transcription is a real showstopper — I was hoping to ditch Sibelius but until Dorico supports, at least mutli-channel input it’s a no go for this
    Secondary would be full direct midi guitar one channel per string into tab (even guitar notation) but satisfying general multi channel input first would satisfy a) and b) above.

  2. Integrated Dorico Midi Time Control input and output. I have followed the ideas to slave Cubase to Dorico with the TXL20 plugin. This works OK but I rather have Dorico slaved to Cubase (so I can record midi guitar :slight_smile: )

Again looking further afield wider Dorico/Cubase communication (two-way control?) would be ideal.

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Thanks for your suggestions, David. These issues are on our radar for possible future implementation.