[My xmas wish] A good after-market Cubase 8 book!

One simple question: Where are the after-market Cubase 8 books?

I’m a heavy long-time Cubase user (going back to the Notator days). Last week, I finally updated (from C6.5). Now I’ve got a ton of new features to learn.

But I can’t find ANY books for this version of Cubase. None. What’s up with that? In the past, there were always at least 2 or 3 to choose from. But now – nothing, at least on Amazon.

When I’ve transitioned to a new version in the past, I’ve always purchased one of those THICK after-market books, gotten comfy and read the thing cover-to-cover. Simon Millward’s Fast Guide to Cubase 6 comes to mind - what a great book; a phenomenal learning tool. If I was teaching a Cubase 6 class, I’d use that one as the textbook. Far from being a quick/dirty guide, it was incredibly in-depth and professional, with plenty of real world examples and detailed explanations of techniques (which, incidentally, are almost completely absent in Steinberg’s necessary but very dry-and-technical manual).

I’d even consider an eBook. Am I missing something? Where are the Cubase 8 books?


P.S. Maybe I’m just a geezer. I do watch the video tutorials. But give me a well-written book any day of the week…

I too am a book/printed manual guy. I watch the videos, look in the forum (and have been helped many times here), but still feel that there’s a book missing for such professional software. The PDF of the manual is great for searching though.

A book???

Man save the trees and just head over to

There’s great Cubase courses there.
Or an alternative would be the courses at www.askvideo.com

Well yeah! Lots of nice video tutorials out there. Good stuff too.

But that’s no replacement for a true guide book.

Nothing can replace a well-written guide for a program as deep and complex as Cubase. IMHO, it’s just not possible to do this level of software justice with mere video demonstrations (well, I suppose you could do it – but you’d be filming the equivalent of a year-long college course).

Sure, I’ll hug a tree and buy an e-book. But I want to read something substantial, insightful and well-written about the latest version of Cubase. And Steinberg’s Operation Manual pdf isn’t it, of course. They provide a decent enough tech manual (as well they should), but that’s not the kind of book I’m talking about.

Millward’s Fast Guide was close to 500 pages, and it went deep. I’d like to see a new edition! (Hint, hint… if the author is reading this.)