MyScript™ Handwriting and Dorico for iPad OS

I see this topic had been mentioned before but I wanted to suggest something specific. I’d like to suggest that Dorico for iPad OS integrate the MyScript™ handwriting APIs. That’s the one feature from the old Notion iOS that I really miss. There are times when entering notes by tapping on the screen keyboard is best. And there were time when using an external MIDI keyboard is best. But most definitely there are times when using an Apple Pencil and handwriting recognition is definitely the best workflow, especially once one gets fast with it… If your not “practiced” at entering notes this way, you’ll struggle and come to the conclusion that handwriting recognition is a novelty. But, it’s not.

I used Notion iOS for many years in a professional setting. I created charts daily including full orchestral charts, jazz band charts, and charts for educational use, I also made several training videos for Notion iOS customers. One video in particular was titled “HOW TO - improve hand, writing speed in Notion iOS with an Apple Pencil.” The link is You can find a few other handwriting videos on my YouTube page, but that one is probably the most comprehensive.

One of my favorite use cases for handwriting on the iPad Pro was when I’d be at an orchestral rehearsal, and I needed to make a few “emergency” part changes. I’d have my iPad Pro in my arm, much like holding a clipboard. I’d open Notion iOS, find and change the parts, then print them to a printer on the LAN. I did things like this often and it was so futuristic at that time, (2015-2018).

The older and current version of Notion iOS use MyScript™. I found MyScript™ to work very well for handwriting recognition on an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil. There’s another video that’s posted somewhere of a short orchestral piece done entirely with an Apple Pencil. I believe it was a NAMM Show presentation. I’ll look for the link and add it here when I find it.

I realize some people don’t think handwriting recognition is particularly efficient or effective. But it is. Once practiced and learned, it’s much more than a novelty. Personally I found MyScript™ to be better than StaffPad’s handwriting implementation. It’s faster and more accurate.

So, why not just use StaffPad for handwriting note entry, then switch to Dorico when I want to enter notes via sone other method? The primary reason is that I rarely just used one note entry method per chart. I’d use handwriting recognition for some things, switch to tapping in notes, maybe use a MIDI keyboard, then switch back to handwriting, etc. In other words, having all of these note entry tools at one’s disposal within a single application is the most efficient way of working.

I don’t know what Steinberg’s stance on this is, but it would be great if they looked at adding the MyScript™ API into Dorico.

Steve Steele

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Thanks for your suggestion, Steve. At the moment we don’t have any plans to integrate MyScript’s music recognition technology into Dorico for iPad, but we don’t rule it out altogether for the future.

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Thanks for replying Daniel!

Steve Steele