Mysteinberg does not respond re-activate e-Licenser


Does anyone know if Steinberg Mysupport is active. I have been mailing more then a week and no response at all. Sorry, but this is not polite. And no excususes for being busy, this is part of your business, if you can handle that, then you are doing something wrong i guess…I am an paying customer and have lots of Steinberg products, Now i just need a little help on registering/activation but no response at all. Very bad and client unfriendly!

Hope someone can jump in…


Sorry to say, that I think you’ll find that’s fairly normal for SB support

of course it’s difficult for users to help with specific registration/activation issues but if you think it’s appropriate then post your question/problem here (and change the thread title to something useful!)

Thanks for your reply, finally someone taking the time :slight_smile:

I think this is an issue that Steinberg needs to solve. This is the case: i started up Nuendo, but then it gave an error the the USB-licenser could not be found, i tried several things but the same. So i thought mine licenser was broken and went for the 25hour Live situation and reported mine licenser as broken. The following day i tried again and…all worked.

The problem now is, mine working licenser is reported broken at Steinberg, but in real that is not anymore the case. i did make a report all is ok now and if they could re-register mine licenser again etc. I did it myself, but still cannot see the products in Mysteinberg, the licenser is still reported as broken. I do can use Nuendo now, but i also had bougt the update to 12. But since mine licenser is not active at mysteinberg, i cannot activate mine N12 version…and that is very sad…

That’s mine situation, let us be fair, this is no rocket-science problem, this is part of work what support has to do, ok, maybe 2/3 days which is already too much, but i can live with that, but now more then a week and several message and no response at all, and i am an PAYING customer, …nonono very very bad Steinberg!

Thats the situation

I totally understand the frustration

As you say this is something that SB are probably going to have to resolve.

Are Steinberg not supplying replacement licences for the ‘broken’ dongle ? I thought that was the procedure ?

You are able to use the 60 day Nuendo 12 trial in the meantime.

Incidentally, many years ago now, I had a dongle break and as it was a bit of an emergency the Yamaha store in Soho (London) were really helpful in getting it all sorted (after SB HQ approved it) I think it’s unlikely they would do today as it was years ago but worth bearing in mind ?

As I say - if you edit the title of this thread to something more useful than ‘support’ it’s possible somebody from SB will see it and assist.

Thanks, the dongle is not broken, it works :slight_smile: It just needs te be activated again.

Changed the title :slight_smile:

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yes I understand - not sure if they can reactivate it ?

what I was asking is have SB not issued the temp activation codes and provided the PDF etc …as per this page ?

yes, it did posted that, but afterwards it was working again, so i reported the dongle working again, but meanwhile it was deactivated since it was reported broken, and now besides reporting it is working again, SB has not reactivated it again. I tried myself, by re-registering, but no luck,.

In any case an respond of them would be of great help…

And…got a response, all solved, thx for your help Dr.Strangelove! :slight_smile:

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Steinberg move in mysterious ways :slight_smile:

Yes, very strange ways…:slight_smile: