mySteinberg > login error

cannot login to mySteinberg Account, please reset it > “Typo3 error”

Oops, an error occurred!
TYPO3 CMS is an open source content management system.

(and after then delete this post please)

thank you

Likewise - took three attempts to log in - received same Typo error as above.

Cannot connect to licencing server.

Most frustrating, as I’ve just spent hours on completely fresh rebuild of audio PC

right, I just downloaded halion sonic 3, paid for it, and I cant use it. funny how the server was working when it took my payment, :frowning:

The MySteinberg and license servers seem to have been down since about midnight in Europe. Let’s hope someone in Steinberg is pulling a night shift …

yep, payment processing server seems fine :wink:

Glad I’m not the only one :wink:

Same here, can’t activate a license in the Elicenser Control Center…

Its 6:00AM EST time and I still can’t login. Getting the same typo3 error message.

still not working, sunday morning

Same here, anyone got a number for Steinberg? The license server being down is a major issue, I would think?

Same problem here. Typo 3 error.

So unable to contact support over licence issue on Halion 6.

Money spent and no access to support is not good.

Blocking the server looks like any easy way for hackers to destroy Steinberg and ultimately some of the users products.

Clock ticking on my zero downtime, but I have no realistic options or choices here.


Steinberg support is Mon-Fri only I’m afraid.
I’m sure the server going down for a day is just a technical issue rather than the total destruction of Steinberg by hacking though :laughing:

An overload could have been foreseen. :unamused:

With every big thing like Halion 6 it weakens … :mrgreen:

Snap very annoying

As aaandima says, it could have been predicted…the same thing happened the weekend after the Cubase 9 upgrade didn’t it?

To paraphrase Oscar Wilde…to lose a server after one software upgrade may be regarded as misfortune, after two looks like carelessness.

Anyone out there? Ed? Any mods? :open_mouth:
Endorphin rush desparately needed before going back to work!


GO GOO GOOO :mrgreen:

yes mine is up and running again, my final thought though, it would have been nice to get something like “we apologize for the server issue, we are working on it, ect ect.” something just to know that someone somewhere was concerned about it. anyway, back to the music.


the eLicenser and MySteinberg services experienced an outage during this last weekend. The services are up and running again. Sorry for the inconveniences caused.

For new users:
The Online Shop is managed by our partner company Asknet AG (see invoice confirmation details).
MySteinberg and eLicenser are direct services managed by Steinberg.

Please note that in case an outage occurs, only our core teams in Hamburg Germany are able to solve it. Unfortunately, there is little our support teams from the other territories can do, since local action at our Headquarters is required.

Thanks Felipe, however it is worrying that a function so crucial to Steinberg customers is not monitored outside of business hours.

I just got the mysteinberg error message “TYPOO3 Oop’s…”

What do I do now???