MySteinberg Updated

Interesting redo of the mysteinberg pages … Much easier layout to understand!

Golly, they are modernizing everything. It does look/act much better. Maybe everyone will be able to add a sig to their forum profile now… :angry:

Unhappily, part off this effort included taking the archive off line.

A couple of long standing wishes …

  1. Put the language back at the top level of the forum.
  2. Put the content of the message in the forum notifications.

do you ever stop moaning :laughing: :laughing:

I personally like the modern look . got a bit of a shock but ,looks good and to have all your licenses there right in front of you as soon as you sign in is good


I personally like the modern look .

If you read my original post, you will see that I complimented the new look. I like it too.

Very nice!

What new mixer?

Is there a new mixer? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

only the one Bredo loves so much :smiley:

your all starting to sound like a bunch of old women over this mixer , im sure Steinberg might of got the hint from a certain few , do you met up for coffee mornings with your tee towel on your head and fag hanging out your black stained teethed mouths ? if not you should start :smiley: :smiley: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

and yes im digging the new my Steinberg but please don’t make C7 touch screen friendly as well :smiley:

I did indeed and I can see some black stains on your teeth as well :laughing: :laughing:

Why on earth did they remove the archive ? I found countless times useful informations in it and this, until now. Steiny, care to make all the useful threads in it available again, especially those concerning some production and mixing tips ? Thanks… :unamused:

Beware ! Because the next step will probably be the removal… I already downloaded everything I could find useful in it, but still…

Funny to see how they seem to focus on destroying everything that was until recently a part of their history : documents, useful features existing in previous versions, dropped support for legacy products, and now even the site archive which was representing by itself several yaers of all the Steinberg products development…

And no, I don’t care about the MySteinberg lifting : I was used to how it behaved since a long time.

Steiny, Don’t you have something more useful to do, considering C7 state ? I’m (close to) speechless, this evening… :imp:

Yes. This was very useful. Pity that it’s gone.

You don’t really expect the same people that work on Cubase to work on MySteinberg, do you?
The old MySteinberg was a nightmare for both users and us. If you managed to get used to the old one, I am pretty confident that you will get used to Cubase 7 too :wink:

Regarding the old archive, we think that the new forum which has been around for a while now as well, holds a lot of valuable information and the old stuff is just that now: old stuff.

could you put a link in for those running Cubase 5 and below as they require the wealth of information , otherwise it’s completely worthless even using a forum .

what a waste :imp: :astonished: :confused:

Yeah but some of the old rant and war threads are classics :laughing:

there are so many wars and rants in new forums its can be classified as classic too… :nerd:
as growing rants on forums today i would suggest a “rant&moaning” subforum dedicated for steam release.

I respectfully disagree. There were 2 good things about the ‘Sparky’ forum…

  1. Back in the day, there were a bunch of really great tutorials on mixing and Cubase and…recording in general… that are pretty timeless. When Cubase was ‘new’, there were a LOT more ‘pros’ who hung out and were willing to give great advice on various recording topics. Frankly, there’s a lot less of that sort of audio/midi basics stuff here now. I’m thinking of links to Paul Woodlock’s studio build and various recording advice from a bunch of people.

  2. Some of those ‘rants’ (of which I was party to a few) still matter. Some are just wingnuts for sure. And some make SB look bad for sure (if you made a montage of various company promises not fulfilled over the decade it’s pretty embarrassing.) But many discussions were surprisingly thoughtful about how Cubase and DAW recording should work. It’s history… there were so many SB ‘firsts’ and if you’ve got too much time on yer hands a person can -see- the whole DAW market maturing courtesy of SB. There was a surprising amount of back and forth from SB employees and users pre-2005 and I contend that’s what made people stick with Cubase—even when it wasn’t exactly the most stable creature. (It’s also what makes old guys like me so cranky—we long for the old days when we felt like the company actually listened.)

Regardless, the sad thing about web sites is that they aren’t like books. You can’t turn off a book. It would be a shame if that material—even if it’s old–weren’t around.


My opinion, @ Ed Doll,

It does not take up much space or bandwidth to keep the old online a year or two more, its not like someone has to manage it, I too dig back in there for some info from time to time, I still run older versions of Cubase and Wavelab as well as the new “stuff”!

It’s still relevant for lots of your legacy customers, not everyone upgrades for several version releases. Taking it away is not going to “endear” them into upgrading either. Please reconsider.

regards - Robin

I just remembered, there is this tool also…
edited for newest content to Jan 16, 2013

Not ideal, but there you are.

Just to add to this as an example of the valuable resource the archive was ,Steinberg has walked away from midi in a big way over the years ,with the seeming expectation that everyone would be 100% virtual instruments by now. Development on tools for hardware synths stopped years ago and the list of setups that come with Cubase is an embarrassment,nothing new in years and still support for the MT 32 for ex. As with many other issues the old forum was a resource for things that Steiny should have stayed with but didn’t. Dropping this is bad news IMO. Lots of searches for hardware info lead there and Steiney just doesn’t get that hardware is important,midi is important and the market for distinctive sounding gear is growing it seems to me.