Mysteries Of Ur44

I’m interested to get UR44 for my windows machine. I have a couple of questions and I would appreciate if owners or Steinberg support team help me out.

  1. Does dspMixFx integration support Cubase 6.5 or lower versions ?

  2. How is the driver comparing to MR618 ? Round trip latency and VST performance ?

  3. Is it possible to Run Cubase and another audio application (ex, izotope Rx) simultaneously?

Thank you for your time

My UR44 was working with a Cubase 5 install. (UR44 is away for repair at the moment… :frowning: )
I’m sure the documentation stated that there is a dedicated section within Cubase regards mixing rather than using the dspMixFx application. I will check that whenever I get my UR44 back.

I posted a list of latency times in another post. These were at different sample buffer sizes and obviously are dependant on my (less than powerful) PC setup. Here’s a link to the table I created if you are interested.

I will check your 3rd point, again when I get my UR44 back.


Stevo… :slight_smile: