Mysterious audio files!

One of my project folders is unaccountably massive at 45GB.

I went through all my projects recently to make space by removing unused media and emptying the trash for each one, so most of my folders are between 1 and 2 GB. I did the same with this giant folder but the audio folder inside it is still massive with over 200 audio files in it. There are a lot of files in there that are no longer in the project.

Does anyone know what’s might be going on, and what the best way to remove the unwanted audio files is? Hoping I don’t have to go through all 212 of them one at a time to check if it’s still being used.

Many thanks for any help.


Did anything happen when you did the Remove Unused Media on that one project?
Any strange status icons on the clips in the pool?

If you were to identify one clip that is truly not used in the project and compare it to one that definitely is, can you spot any differences in the pool?

Thanks mlindeb. I didn’t notice anything strange and I just re-did the process to make sure. The problem is that there are a large number of audio files in the audio file folder which are not in the pool. The pool only shows the files I am actually using.

I see. My first thought is that these additional audio files actually belongs to a different project (that could be existing or non-existing).
I don’t know of a clever way of finding out if that is the case, I’m afraid.

I would probably move these files to a safe place (archive/backup drive e.g.) and make a mental note of it in case a project suddenly complains about missing audio files.

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The problem is that the files I am using are in the folder along with all the files I’m not using, but all the files are from the same project - it looks like the trashing process just can’t see them for some reason. I’ll probably have to go through a file at a time and delete the ones not being used anymore! Thanks for your help though.

Then perhaps the quickest resolve is to move all the files from the project Audio folder and open the project. When Cubase complains about a missing file, add them back one by one.

If you feel certain the files does not belong to a different project, you could try to Archive the project and retrieve it in a different folder. I’m thinking that procedure should only include the files referenced in the pool.

Thanks very much - I’ll give that a try.