Mysterious Missing Link

After restarting my iPad and opening Cubasis 3.5 afresh while having no other apps loaded, you can see that Cubasis thinks it is syncing via Ableton Link to another app somehow. What the app is, is unfortunately a mystery.

I have no active Link app (see video) on either the device or on my network (I have checked carefully). I have turned Link off and on again, restarted the device, created a new project, but the mysterious link remains. It wouldn’t matter so much except it changes the tempo on opening saved projects.

I do use Link often. And I’d prefer not have to permanently shut it off in order to have my projects run at the correct tempo.

Is this a new AI feature, perhaps? Cubasis detects the optimal tempo for the genre I’m making, and does me a favour? That would be pretty cool, but make it optional please.

Hi @freakoutski,

Thanks for your message and sorry for my late reply due to seasonal holidays.

There must be another app in use, leading to the issue. Are the track names of help to identify the 3rd party app?

Apart from this, I’d suggest to load the “New Project” template and start from there.