Mysterious Rectangles on System Characters and Symbols

Screenshot 2023-10-06 135038

Self explanatory from image: these rectangles are slowly spreading to different characters in a project. The ottava lines and combined dynamics are some examples. The forum will only allow me to attach a single image as I am a “new user”.

This project is massive, so copying content into a new project and maintaining playback and midi editing would be a difficult task, and I would prefer to fix the issue in this project if possible.

Please advise.

Screenshot 2023-10-06 135146

Font styles for musical symbols need to be SMuFL-compliant. Have you changed the Default Music Font and/or Default Music Text Font styles to a non-SMuFL-compliant font (in Library > Font Styles)?

Thank you, Lillie.

Somehow the default had been changed. I reset to factory default, Bravura, and this fixed the issue. Much appreciated.

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