Mysterious Vanishing Instruments in Score (?!)

Hi All,

Has anyone come across instruments in full score just disappearing? I can’t see what I’ve done or Dorico’s done. It’s the viola line in this case (Dorico viola joke?), it hasn’t been deleted, it’s all there if I select ‘viola’ from drop down list and clearly on list in SetUp.

Any help would be massively appreciated!

Thanks all!


Hi Stephen –

The drop-down list from the top is the layout selector – it lets you view a different layout in the tab. A player might be assigned to a part layout but not to the score, and therefore won’t appear in the score.

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Hi Lillie

Thanks! How do I check if the viola’s assigned to both? I haven’t warmed to the flow concept yet to be honest :grimacing:
Pretty sure there’s no system/frame break signposts. It appears to have gone from the whole piece

It appears to be…I think this is what you mean

Here’s an introduction to the relationships between the 3 panels in Setup mode.

To check the viola is assigned to the score, either click the link in my previous reply and read that page :wink: or just select the viola player in the Players panel on the left. If the full score layout isn’t checked, the viola isn’t in it. You can equally select the full score layout in the Layouts panel on the right, and see if the Viola is checked – it goes both ways.

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Thank you, sorry yes I should’ve clicked on your link :roll_eyes: that all seems straightforward enough…but Viola is definitely checked on both sides (on 2nd screenshot) but not appearing on score

Can you share the project in that case? You can send it in a private message to me if you don’t want to share it publicly.

Try this:

De-select all the players in the Players panel (on the left).
De-select all the layouts in the Layouts panel (on the right).
In the Players panel, select only one instrument. The Layouts panel should then show which layouts that player is in - most likely the full score and the individual player’s layout.
If you select only the viola in the Players panel, the Layouts panel should highlight the full score and the Viola.
Also, if you right-click on the flow in the bottom panel, then select Players, the drop-down menu should have a tick next to each player that is in that flow. If Viola is not ticked, select it.

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Hi again Lillie,

After some random checking & unchecking boxes it’s reappeared! Not sure what happened there, but thanks for your help. Sorry I was a bit wary of sharing it - it’s a takedown of a Young Composers workshop piece with their name on it.

On ‘Flows’ (I’m sure I’ll come around to it one day) what’s the best way to remove ‘Flow 1 etc…’ headings from EVERY page in the score/parts without doing it manually. I’m sure it has it’s uses :joy:

Thanks Steven, I think that’s what I must’ve done. Many thanks for your help

This bit of text comes from the Default page template, which for full scores has a text frame at the top set to display the flow title of the music below the text frame (ie whatever is on that page). In parts, it shows the layout name.

Here is a page with information about what appears on page templates by default. You can customize page templates however you like, it only affects that one project. So if you never want to see anything at the tops of pages (from p2 onwards) in the score apart from the page number, edit the Default page template and delete the running header text frame from both the left/right pages.

There is also this page from our First Steps guide, aimed at new Dorico users, that explains how information gets onto pages in a full score layout (although it uses the Dorico 3.5 and earlier term “master page” for what is now in Dorico 4 a “page template”).

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