Mysterious vertical lines on coloured background in text frames

Hello—I’d be grateful for help getting rid of these strange vertical lines of solid green (see screenshot). The rest of the background is 50% transparent, but around the accidentals (which were inserted with tokens) these lines appear.

I would gladly write this text as staff text instead of in text frames, were it not for problems I always encounter when I insert accidentals in Bravura Text—they always appear way too small by comparison to the text, and need endless fiddling around to get the right size and spacing. Generally, I would really appreciate an easy way to add accidentals in text.

Thanks if anyone can help!


and here’s the project file:
Quasi scale to show all accidentals and enharmonics WITH TEXT.dorico (889.5 KB)

When you add glyphs, are you applying the Music Text character style to them? This should format them correctly. The character style menu is the top left in the text editor pop-up.

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To me this looks like there is a slight overlapping of glyphs, and the background colour, since it is at 50% opacity, will be darker where they overlap.

The lines disappear if you change the colour opacity to be 100%.

I could be completely wrong, though. Been known to happen.

hope that helps


Yes, I think Jeremy’s correct. When you have multiple styles within the same run of text, they have to be drawn separately, and each chunk will draw its own background colour. If possible, use a colour that has the same hue and intensity but without using opacity, i.e. increase the white content of the colour, and it will look OK.

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Thank you Lillie, Jeremy and Daniel! Opacity problem solved.

I do still find the accidentals in Bravura Text come up too small (yes, I’m applying the Music Text character style), but perhaps it is intended that they should be smaller than the text? Unless I’m doing something stupid, which is a distinct possibility…

Provided you only need the standard natural, sharp and flat accidentals, I suggest you use the ones at U+266D, U+266E and U+266F rather than the ones in the regular SMuFL accidentals ranges; the ones in the main ranges are sized according to a staff height that is approximately the same height as the cap-height for a text font at the same size, so they are much smaller.


Many many thanks! Much time saved, much appreciated. C