Mysteriously auto selecting events

After comping a perfect vocal track, I always copy/move the chosen events to a new track. Just to keep everything tidy.
Now I wanted to replace some of the events. But for some of them I have a mysterious behaviour here:
Whenever I select the event on my destination track, the event from the active lane in the source track is also selected, as if they were grouped. And vice versa, when I select the event on the active lane of my source track, the event on my destination track is selected as well.
Now I cannot move another take to my destination track without moving the take that is already there to the track below the destination track.

Can anyone explain this to me? Is there a function apart from grouping, that causes such nonesense? Or have I stumbled upon a bug here?



Make sure, the tracks are not in the same folder and Group editing is not enabled on the folder.

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Ah, thanks a lot.
You made my day!! :kissing_heart: