Mystic ...dont get it

I dont use synths that much so Im no expert on things synthy, but I was fiddling about with Mystic and I dont get it.

I can twiddle the morph knob and redraw or load new wave forms but the sound never seems to change from the originally loaded preset. The only things that seem to change the sound are when I mod the envelopes or change pitch settings.

So is that a bug in the software or is it just me and I need to dig deeper.


No one use it much ?
RTFM and still non the wiser

I experienced this too, I think switching presets solved it. Never used it much though so I can’t say if this is an old issue or not.


Mystic is kind of mystic, indeed. It is based on Karplus Strong Synthesis.

You first define the waveform, then the length of an impulse with Env 2, then this sound goes to a feedback loop with 3 comb filters. It´s more promising to move parameters like Feedback, Env 2 Decay and Volume, and Damping.

Good luck.