Mystic return?

Hi everyone…I played with Mystic today… and i find that one to be underrated. and i think it needs a v2 to shine! anyone still uses it?
what a great way of doing sound design

I like and use all the “silver synths.” They all have interesting, clean sound and work well in stacks. If it ain’t broke.

I use Mystic in some compositions. It is brilliant and usable to accent smth. If background, then it will be unique, if solo, then it will be unique too. Whenever you use Mystic, it is mystic :wink:

But why do you ask for its return? It never went anywhere.

I love to play the synths Mystic-Prologue-Spector.

Mystic has a feature you will not find in the manual.
It’s possible to modulate the amount value.
To do this you have to switch the Mystic plugin to general view.
Not so easy to handle but it works.

Here is an example preset: (1.16 KB)

Of course… :wink: But it needs a redesign all over. from the looks to easy of use and then algorithms …

It’s a great synth for sure, but doesn’t anyone here suffer from the metallic/deformed noise that Spector and especially Mystic make when loading up a session that contains these Synths??

I’ve had this issue on Cubase 8.0.40, 8.5.30, and 9.5.10. I also read of a person who had it on Cubase 9.0.30.