mystical green line in my CC11 events

hey there
it might be a feature that passed my update knowledge.
I have a mystical green controller(?) inside my CC11
Where is that coming from?


There is MIDI CC11 automation track written. Your track color is green, therefore the automation line is green.

Similar topic is discussed here right now.

ah I noticed it now - its the VOLUME automation.
Sometimes even with glasses I am blind :sunglasses:


It’s not Volume, it’s Expression. Volume (MIDI CC7) is representant of the fader on the mix. Expression (MIDI CC11) represents how does the player really plays. Some Instruments behave really realistic. So if you use MIDI CC11 (Expression), the sound is brighter with higher CC11values.

And it doesn’t matter, what MIDI CC is it. Every MIDI CC can be recorded as MIDI Part data or track automation.

I definitely automated the VOLUME of KONTAKT on the track which is not connected to CC11.
But I am happy the question was answered :wink: