Mystified Dorico Elements 3.5 and the Kontakt

I have installed Kontakt 6 and am attempting to use it with Dorico Elements 3.5. It does not seem to work but I am sure it is something I am doing wrong. Here are the details…

  1. In my project in Play mode I can add a VST for Kontakt
  2. I can assign Kontakt to a player
  3. I can open the Kontakt player and choose an instrument and then see it is assigned to he player
  4. I cannot see Kontakt in the Playback Template
  5. When I play the flow the player is quiet (other players with NotePerformer instruments are audible.
  6. I cannot see Kontakt (or even NotePerformer) in the Dorico Preferences VST panel.

My suspicion is attracted to 5 and 6 but I really do not know what to do.

Any help would be greatly welcome.

Hi Ken,

I’m attaching a Dorico file of a brief solo Violin piece. It’s set up for the solo Violin in the Kontakt library. Hopefully it works for you.

Usually if I’m not hearing something it’s because I haven’t assigned it to the instrument in Play Mode.


I don’t think there’s a Playback template in Dorico for Kontakt - you will have to make one.

If I remember correctly, the VST list is Preferences is about enabling / disabling VST2 files. VST 3 files don’t appear there. If you’re able to add a VST for Kontakt in Play Mode, you should be OK.

Solo Violin.dorico (435.5 KB)

When you say “open Kontact” do you mean that it appears in the drop down list for adding instruments in the Dorico play tab? Do you also see NotePerformer there?

If so, what you see in preferences doesn’t matter. Those listed specifically in the VST preferences tab is only for those VST that use the older VST2 spec rather than VST3, and you have the option to allow or ban those that use the older spec. You don’t see (or need to see the VST3 ones.

If you don’t see Kontact or Noteperformer in the drop down list in the Play window - that’s another thing = likely you would need to update your paths to tell Dorico where they live.

I’m not for sure what you mean about Playback Template, can you explain some more?

Thank you. Unfortunately when I tried loading I was confronted with the following mystification (see attachment). Otherwise I was told there were missing fonts. I tried playing but only got silence. I could however open the Kontakt instrument panel

Here is what I see in my Project’s Play mode. On the right you can see Kontakt in the VST instruments list. On the left bottom you will see theorbo assigned to Kontakt.

The paths idea is interesting. How do I look them up.

When you open the Kontakt Player, can you hear any sound when you click on the piano keyboard at the bottom?

Also, you’ve got your Theorbo assigned to channel 3 in Dorico. Is it also assigned to channel 3 in Kontakt?

I’ll try that. But I seem to have lost the ability to get that view. So there will be a delay as I am re-downloading the introductory KontaktFactorySelection.

I seem to have gone a step backwards. When I I click on the Kontakt controls in the VST list (right) I get to see the largely empty content on the window on the left.

Something has badly regressed.

It looks like you’ve got an issue with Kontakt not finding your files.

Download Native Access from here. This enables you get the paths right and synchronise things with Kontakt.

Right I am back to where you asked about the keyboard sounds. See image. However I hear nothing.

I can now hear the keyboard when I have an instrument loaded

Is the instrument assigned to the right Midi Channel?

In your post (4/11) you asssigned a Theorbo to channel 3 in Kontakt. You need to make sure the channels on Kontakt and Dorico match. Personally, I’d make sure both channels are set to channel 1 - as it’s your first instrument loaded ionto Kontakt.

Wonderful. It seems to be working.
The channel was the problem.
Along with me following loads of false paths out of ignorance.

Thank you so much for your patience. I shall reflect on this journey. But my conclusion is that I can safely invest in the posh instrument VST I was hoping to use.

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Excellent news. Which VST are you looking to get?

The Conservertoire Collection. Here is the URL

Don’t know that set but that harpsichord sounds excellent.

Yes as do the theorbo, hurdygurdy and various percussion