mystique elastique

Can someone help me solve this puzzle:
I have an audiorecording with 3 different takes stacked under each other.
Cubase has decided to copy the 2 first takes to a place before the stack and these copies are elastique pro files while the originals are normal. They have the same names except the copy has an ekstra number - like PNO L_38 and PNO L_38-01.
I don’t recall doing anything to them but maybe it’s my brain… - what could I have done to make this happen ?
I know for sure that I didn’t copy them myself.
Anyone seen this ?

Cubase uses “nondescructive” editing. In theory, your original files are never changed. There are several reasons why Cubase might make a copy of a file in order to maintain the integrity of the original file. An example is if you edit an audio event that uses the same file as another audio event (if you duplicated it) it will create a “new version” of the file. It usually asks you if you want to create a new version or edit the file anyway but there may be a preference to turn the prompt off.

Thank’s Jaslan,
I’ve never seen copies that are placed after each other by themselves - I haven’t touched them. All I did was save the cpr with a different name.
Maybe a new behaviour in CB 6 ?