N.10.3 Installation questions

  1. Can N10.2 be directly updated to N10.3 - in the same folder? I do not want to have another separate installation of the same/similar program on my system.

2: Quote from Version History: ''Nuendo 10.3 will be installed alongside your existing Nuendo 10 installation instead of overwriting it. You can continue to run Nuendo 10 separately from Nuendo 10.3 if required, and once you are certain that you no longer require the older version, you can uninstall it." When uninstalling N.10.2 using Windows-10 Uninstall will it definitely know not to remove anything used by N10.3 ?

I don’t think so. It installed here in a new folder and did a completely new plugin scan just like a fresh installation. I’m going to unistall 10.2 tomorrow.

Nuendo 10.3 is actually a major update like Cubase 10.5 was for Cubase 10.0 users. Despite the rather small version step, it’s handled separately from Nuendo 10.2 and as long as you uninstall Nuendo 10.2 itself only, nothing else will be gone.