N.10.3 Was this really necessary?

Was it really necessary to ‘white-out’ the selected tab caption in ‘Audio Connections’?

I can see absolutely no benefit to this change. It just seems like a total waste of programming time and money.

There have been several requests for badly needed improvements to this area of the program but I don’t believe this is one of them!

Was this just something unnecessary given to an intern to play with?

Why not make the changes that users want rather than things that nobody needs?

Not to sound dismissive of your thoughts, but is it really complain about.
We also don’t know if they did something under the hood, that made the visual change a logical thing to do.

You are right of course, these things are not life threatening, but I worry about wasting time on such insignificant changes when there are much more important and valuable thing to do.

Believe me, no ‘under-the-hood’ changes will benefit from altering the way a caption is displayed.

The whole Audio Connections area is about a thousand years old (sic) and really does need a complete revamp. It’s a joke.

‘Ich glaube die hohlen mich ab, ha ha’

+1. I can’t read it either. :frowning:
Great updates though, thank you Steinberg.

+1 the white text is unreadable.

otherwise, a great update.

Interesting. I’m using Dark Mode on a Mac, and all of the tabs are black with white text. Selected tab switches the background to a vibrant blue, still white text. Looks good.


I ran across this a few months back when I installed Cubase AI. Never saw it before.
I thought it was a programming error. With my color scheme the name of the selected tab disappears when it’s selected? Silly.

I still think it’s a programming error.


This broke from Cubase 10 to 10.5 too. The main window fill used to be a sort of muted teal color but somehow it got switched to a very light grey. I believe this was when they fixed Dark Mode on MacOS, but broke the window color if you weren’t using dark mode, and on Windows.

this seems like a bug on windows systems(don’t see a logic reason about this visual) it’s the same for cubase 10.5
by the way from pics i see’ the dark mode on mac on cubendo menus looks great and easy on the eyes(on windows in dark room when open a menu its like an investigator flashlight on your eyes)
tried some setting on windows 10 color schemes but with no changes on cubendo menus