N 5.5 32 or 64 bits

I´ve just installed Nuendo 5.5.1 but when I open it, it says Nuendo 5.5.1 (32 bits), wasn´t supposed to be 64 bits for Mac?


Go to your Applications folder and find your Nuendo 5.5.app. Right click on it and select Get Info.

There will be check box for “Open in 32-bit mode”

Make sure that is not checked.

Give that a shot.


Darren “Checkbox” Ingram

Thanks Darren.

That whas it to open in 64, but now I got a sign that says " WaveShell-VST is no compatible with the current aplication. WaveShell-VST and the Waves Plugins can only run in applications that support VST shell plugins (kPlugCategShell)."
That means that there is no Waves plugins avalable, any idea what to do?



Sorry, man. I’m not a waves user. I believe Windows user can use a thing called J Bridge, but for mac I don’t know.

Others here on the forum will know.

Darren “Waveless” Ingram

Waves plugins are not 64bit yet.


I recently upgraded to N5. You might find some of the information that has been posted in the following threads useful:

N5 complete update procedure.

New to N5-64: Considerations

Status of Waves + jBridge/shell2vst + VST3 Sidechaining

Query: what happens when N5 finds duplicate plugins?


Thanks Breeze

I found helpfull stuff.

What I´ve also found again it´s Steinberg responsibility towards users, meaning that for example you open an 32 plugin in a 64 session, there is a visual format that let you know that, as it does not occur in other DAWS that you think everything is working under 64 and it´s not, its been emulated but you don´t know that.

Also, specially in the case of the most famous plugins Waves suites, that does not have a single FORUM as in Steinberg has as many Forums for each or their products and versions. That´s honesty regardless of any complaint !!!