N 5.5.4: "Is it safe?"

Other than the possible shuttle problem, has everyone found 5.5.4 to be a safe upgrade without other issues?

N 5.5.4
no problems here.

So far so good…

The Interface no longer slows to a crawl when using detect tempo and the resulting tempo maps.

Bravo Steinberg!

Works just fine for me on both my MacBook pro’s.
Opened a project from 2 months ago today from vers 5.5.3 & it all works beautifully.

I notice 2 things - some projects open much faster - a VO script 4h50’ with about 400 clips and masses of edits opens almost instantly, whereas it took several seconds in 5.5.3.

So far, the buggy behaviour I encountered with the cursor in 5.5.3 - often the wrong icon (trim end or move cut instead of cut icon, or the cut grid line appearing in the wrong place) seems to have been fixed - though as that bug was intermittent I’m hoping it’s gone for good. I see there is an issue fixed in relation to cursor bugs on the MacBook Retina, so maybe that was the same thing.

I got a small little project done in N 5.5.4 which doesn´t open in cubase 6.5.1 in my other studio…
hangs on loading mixer" stereo input"…no plugs in this project so far!!
seems i have to drive back to my mixroom to get my nuendo dongle…

Anyone experiencing the same???
(It is the only project so far i have tested…)

both DAWs in Win7/64bit…Nuendo & Cubase in 32bit…


I just want to quickly report that I upgraded to 5.5.4, as none of the reported issues affected me. I can concur with the others here that I’ve found 5.5.4 even better than 5.5.3 overall. Don’t quote me on this, but at least with the 32-bit version, so far it seems more stable ( ie: no crashes…yet…) with some of my more questionable plugins (Quantum-FX DIY and Synthmaster/Synthedit plugins).

Whilst I think the tempo map issue is resolved - thank you SB, I still feel that the mouse cursor in the midi edit page is still sluggish (when you try to drag the cursor over a bunch of notes it sometimes grabs only half or less of them. A little annoying.)

I believe my Logitech mouse has all updated drivers.

I’m encountering a crash issue with 5.5.4 that I haven’t noticed with 5.5.3.

If I activate track EQ, select “certain” (Can’t find the common cause yet) stereo WAV samples, and try to adjust the pitch using Audio -> Process -> Pitch Shift, it’ll crash randomly.

The trigger is always enabling track EQ.

Very interesting. I used to experience this with 5.1 and could never figure it out why. I just always saved before I did the process in case it crashed. You may want to post a different thread regarding this issue to see if others can help narrow down the exact cause and confirm it.