N 5 mediabay strange behaviour

hey there !
although i clicked many times on " delete all not found data " in the mediabay menue, " i dont know really what im doing wrong " but everytime when i start some projects appear a window says file, data not found. anybody know this behaviour ?

well seems like nobody has this strange behaviour but me !!


Where did you find that function?
In the mediabay menu you say?


yes in the mediabay menue, this behaviour is also on cubase, i read it yesterday in cubase archive forum, but there was no solution for it.
i had to make empty the papercorb but no way i still have this window …

Can you post a screenshot please?


this is it, in case u need translation plz go ahead, but this is the window of the mediabay when a file get missed, as i said i cled 1000 times on “delete all not found data” but nothing happend, this behaviour hasnt any influence on my projects but i musnt have it :slight_smile:
Bildschirmfoto 2011-05-24 um 10.49.41.png

Fredo r u here ? u asked me for the screen shot !!!

Sorry … I’ve seen it.
I guess this only comes up when you have missing files.
I can’t seem to find that menu on my systems, and I have searched through the documentation, but didn’t find anything either. Or it must be so obvious that I overlook it.

Anyway, we have a few million files (over 5TB) on our servers (discs are mounted for access of the different studios), so forgive me if I can’t test this. I would have to shut down all studios for a day.