N 6.0.7 64 bit crashing on exit

Hey all,

I am experiencing crashes in the 64 bit version of Nuendo 6.0.7 when closing the application. It hangs and the process needs to be ended. I use jBridge. I am not sure if has any bearing on the issue.




check if it is not corrupt preference folder.

Yes Eucon. System 5-MC.
Is there something I can do?


I have the same problem.
The reason of my problem is eucon.

how i can fix that?

You can’t.

I have to look it up, but AFAIR the lastest Eucon driver causes this problem. Until Avid comes with a fix, roll back to the previous driver.



Where i can get it?
Can you tell me the current version of your working systems?

Thank you.

I don’t think you can. I know I can’t.

This is a job for the people who make the software. It’s been going on through enough updates and revisions (on both the Avid and Steinberg sides) that one MIGHT think it OUGHT to have been taken care of some time ago.

Have yet to see any sort of comment or recognition of the issue on the Steinberg side. We’ve been complaining about this for more than a year.

It’s apparently harmless (at least I haven’t had any corrupted files due to it… yet), but it’s a major aggravation. Either crashes on quit, or hangs, necessitating a force-quit about 90% of the time. I’ve had my Nuendo quit without crashing or hanging exactly once in the last two weeks.

No problem at all on the laptop with no EuCon.

FIX THIS!!! Please.


Chewy, so i am not alone :slight_smile:

both nuendo and my avid artist control cost around $3800 and this is really strange that is not working well for money.
what a life.

It will be fixed one day for sure. Until then I think we can all stay calm about a crash that happens after we have saved and closed sessions. Not serious at all. No need to shout imho.


It was just a little shout. And I stand by it. :slight_smile:

And… it’s fine to be taciturn about “a crash that happens after we have saved and closed sessions.”

Until corruption happens. I have had a couple of near-misses. Consider myself lucky. And… Steinberg has yet to actually deal with this as a recognized issue.

“One day” is not soon enough. And… it’s serious enough to warrant transcending complacency.



Yes, you are not alone… Antonio Escobar noted this early on.

Rolling back to the previous EuCon driver means that the jog wheel doesn’t work for horizontal sizing outside of the Arrange window.


:frowning: So, waiting for the update from the Steinberg side? Or Avid?

That is a mystery yet unanswered by either Avid or Steinberg.


We also have 3 Win 7 workstations that crash on exit of N6.

I’ve been having this problem for months - even using 32 bit version. I thought it might have been my old MacPro but I’ve just invested in a new MacPro 2013 and the same thing happens. You shouldn’t have to revert to ‘force quit’ on applications that cost this much money. Steinberg and Avid should really sort this out.

Sorry to hijack this thread, but you’ve got a new mac pro for Nuendo?
I’m building a place for a colleague and we consider this machine. Does it work well for audio?


Sorry Ollie - I responded to this post when I searched for Eucon issues - I don’t run Nuendo only Cubase 7.5.
I do run a second MacPro 2013 with ProTools and so far it’s working well.

I think I have the old Eucon Adapter but can you confirm the version number? The WS requires an AVID update at this time?

Anything with an i7 in it really is enough. I wish I had one at home. N6 is eager to use whatever cycles you can afford. It makes even large mix templates disappear. I know some people have managed to get sessions up to 700 tracks without issues (with VST3).

Just a little OT though.

This crash isn’t mission critical but I am catching a little flack from mixers as they see it as an issue with the room or gear we provide. It does mar the professionalism of a session to see that kind of behaviour on quit. I am sure they are working on some sort of solution. I fear that the ball is in Avid’s court and might stick there a while.