N 6.5.3 Broken Inspector Key Commands


In the latest version of Nuendo (6.5.3) the key commands for Instrument tracks are broken. Specifically, in previous versions of Nuendo key commands could be assigned to expand the audio inserts, audio fader, sends, etc of the Inspector section of an Instrument track. In the current version all of these instrument track key commands were broken. And to make matters worse this bug seemed to first arrive in Cubase and then got ported into the latest version of Nuendo.

When will this be fixed? and
How did this get broken in Cubase and then make it INTO Nuendo!

Never a reply and its still broken in Nuendo 7.

Why is it that the audio fader toggle key command that existed for use thru Nuendo 5, was removed for Nuendo 6 and remains missing in Nuendo 7. This has to have been a bug as it is the only tab that is missing a key command option now.

Please fix this asap.


Could you please describe, what does it do, if it’s broken? Or what is the expected result, and what is the current result?

Do you know, where was these functions located exactly in the KeyCommands, and their exact names, when it worked, please?