N 6.5: Auto-Loudness & Bass Mngmt questions

When doing a batch export audio mixdown using the new loudness normalizer:

does it normalize all sources for export to the same value
OR does it “follow routing” to ensure the stems feeding the master actually produce the master


Bass management:

What’s the filter slope?

Regarding export.

When the normalisation flag is … Euh … Flagged, all exports are brought back to that value.
Look at it this way: when you set your exports to 48k, then everything will be exported @ 48k.
The application can’t possibly know which channels/outputs you ant to have normalized.


Seeing that this is a post app, and that the standard is for stems to sum to the full mix, I thought it would be good to get it confirmed. It works just as I expected it to work, it’s just that it’s essentially useless for anyone who has to render stems that sum to full mix. One can’t export a set of stems that are normalized “upwards” to the same standard as the full mix.

I understand what you’re saying and that the app can’t read my mind of course. The only solution I could think of is a scenario where the app reads signal flow “backwards” and if groups/outputs feed the master which is normalize-flagged then those groups/outputs would not get the normalization applied. That would only work as long as they only have one output of course.

Either way, as expected. Thanks for the reply.

There could be a small checkbox in the export wundow. Also you could make it normalize only output channels and not groups. The way it is implemented leaves room for improvements, I guess.