N 8.1.10 - IztpeRX still unusable

Im going back to N7 again. thats it for me.
With RX6 I get an error message. with RX5 it captures audio for ages and the connect dont open the RX.

I also got error on first opening the new version with ALARM message about problem with my soundtoys Echoboy preset.

Were you using the latest Izotope RX 6 update?

RX works totally fine here.

also then a range is processed?
Also then head and tail is set to f.e. 2000 ms?
without the AUTO APPLY toggle trick?

Here not.


I have just gone through some basic testing with DOP and RX6 (enough to find tons of nasty bugs in RX6/N8.0) but I must say it works quite well for me (at least at the moment). Fingers crossed, but I really have high hopes they have nailed it this time.

change rx session data folder in rx preferences,can be send back rx app。That’s what I did.