N 8.2 won't install...error1603?

I’m updating from N 8.10, on a Win7 64bit system, but the updater claims “can’t find installation package Nuendo8.msi” and give the error code 1603.
Any idea what’s up with that?

okay, so I found my Nuendo8.msi file and put it in the Nuendo 8 folder. Still no luck.


thanks. that was interesting.
Unfortunately didn’t help. Nuendo 8 is indeed installed, no encryption, and System has full permissions.
The error claims that it can’t find a Nuendo installation.
I re-downloaded the update file, from the Update Assistant this time, rather than the forum link.
It’s looking for “Nuendo8.msi”, which is the full installation package. So I put that file in several places to see if the installer would see it. Nope.
Still no luck.
Steinberg? Anybody?

Hi Jack,
Click on Nuendo8.msi and choose option ‘‘repair’’
After, download your N8 update and choose ‘‘install’’ and not ‘‘save’’
Yesterday i done one million things in same time, i was not very present during install and i had same error.
But with ‘‘repair’’ and '‘Install’ all is ok now. Hope that will be okay for you.

Best Regard.

Thanks Michel, I’ll try that :slight_smile: