N channel WAV files

Can cubase 8 handle multichannel WAV files?
I have been able to import and edit 6 channel files in the past directly into the pool, drag it into an audio track and edit it (trims cross fades etc. )
Have a new project with the following
10 channels in a single file
24 or 32 bit


Cubase only handles up to 5.1

Maybe you could use Wavasaur (which is free) to create a set of files you can use.

Thanks I will check it out


Installed Cubase 8 pro. Tried it out myself.
Loaded a 14 gb file into the pool. Wav file created on a pytamix system. Detected it as a 10 channel 24/192 WAV file. Separated the file into separate channels, one per microphone. Dragged them into the project window so I could set levels and pan for each microphone.
Works fine.

I like Cubase 8 pro!