N.I. Maschine trouble

Can someone help me out here?

Here is how I usually work:

Open cubase. Load maschine. Select kit. Tell kit to send sounds to midi channels. Select midi input on track to maschine. Then I trigger maschine via hardware and it gets recorded to the track.

However, Cubase no longer sees Maschines midi input, meaning I cant trigger via my pads.

Any ideas?

You’re lucky. Mine is still seeing both Midi in and out from Maschine, and it always give me a feedback loop.

I can’t seem to get it to ask me about adding midi tracks when I insert machine.

Are you using USB and midi cables. Also shouldn’t you set “send sounds to midi notes”? I use Cuabse and Maschine everyday. No problems at all. I just use the Usb ,no midi cables.

I bought Maschine a couple of months ago. I can’t get it to work either. I wish someone would explain to me how theirs “just works” and mine is being stupid.

Windows 7 x64.
Cubase 7.
Maschine Mk2

Its not Maschine. Have you read thru the manual and followed step by step setup/ Have you looked at the 3 years worth of tutorials on You Tube? It really couldn’t be a whole lot easier to use with Cubase.

Well, just wanted to say that since a few months the issue has gone. Can’t tell if this is a NI update or a Cubase update that solved it but i can work now as expected :slight_smile: