(N)RPN MIDI support?

As far as I understand, you can only work with MIDI-CC’s in the key editor: One CC-lane is ONE CC 7bit.
The only 14bit lane is Pitchbend, which is always visualized bipolar.

In Cubase, you cannot visualize/edit (N)RPN 14bit values in a CC-lane… right?

This is as I understand it too… I sometimes use NRPN midi programming to reprogramme a preset Roland midi module. I type it all in by hand from the manual.

But, I often wish midi had less numbers involved on screen, particularly I wish there was a special programmable midi event where we could give a name and a bit of programming and then forevermore we just see the name and give it a simple value. This would be great for combining MSB and LSB events as well as sysex control.


Aloha guys and

I wish Steinberg still made a MIDI only version of Cubase with features
like the ones mentioned. And a few more.

Having said that, I am grateful for the new ‘Note Expression’ feature.



better MIDI and more freedom with MIDI.

Please Steinberg, stop assuming what we’re gonna do with MIDI; you just have no idea. Don’t assume we’re all using GM synth: we’re not. Don’t suppress options.

+1 i use the hell out of NRPN!