N-toles are damaged when notes are removed by filter

maybe this issue is well known: If I have a progression of chords and remove the lowest (or highest) note by filtering and deleting, all N-toles are transformed into “straight” values. This problem I know from Sibelius, and it’s a bad surprise, that such a basic issue is not solved in Dorico. Has anyone an idea to work around it?


Yes. It’s intentional that when you filter notes, tuplets remain selected - this is a necessity if you were planning on copying and pasting those notes elsewhere, as you’d almost definitely want to copy the tuplets as well as the notes.

For deletion, you’d need to Filter Lowest/Highest, then set Filter to Deselect, then Filter Tuplets. Then delete. It’s worth assigning key commands for all of these things, or possibly even recording a script (or building a macro with third-party software) if this is something you do a lot.

The other approach is to select a note and then use Select More (Cmd-Shift-A or Ctrl-Shift-A) a couple of times, to select more notes. When you then Filter the lowest/highest note, the tuplet won’t be selected, because you hadn’t selected it in the first place.