N-Tuplet crossing the barline

I have a quintuplet - 5 eighth notes into 4 eighth notes.
When I do Build N-Tuplet from the score menu, it works great when the quintuplet is in the middle of a measure, but when it is crossing a barline, it changes the midi values so they fit in one bar.
Is there a way to get a N-Tuplet crossing a barline ?

I am fairly certain that isn’t possible… you’d have to “cheat”, to get the desired result (presuming that you are currently in 4/4), change that bar to 8/4 (and back to 4/4 on the next bar), perform the N-tuplet, then, graphically, add a vertical line to put a “fake” barline where intended, Hide the 8/4 time signature and the following 4/4 time sig, then, if necessary, set an offset for the bar numbers.

(just did a quick mock-up :wink:

Where does the last note of the quintuplet fall? Could be that all you have to do is check your rest settings.
It’s unusual, in pop and rock at least, to write quints and trips that cross the bars so it could be a program limitation at present. If it is you could contact support and link them to this thread to see if an improvement is possible.

Could it fall in with the (unwritten) rule that slurs ideally should not cross barlines so that maybe as the quint crosses the barline then it ceases to be a quintuplet and needs to be regarded as notes in different bars? So three notes of a quintuplet in the bar A do not belong to the last two notes of the quintuplet in bar B as they have changed system.

I’ll have a look over the next few days just in case I write any trips over the barline in future.
Curious that the answer in the Sibelius forum is exactly the same as Vic’s here.