N00b cant find how to turn on the full Mixer window

In fooling around without reading a line of documentation has allowed me to lose half of the mixer window. I don’t have the upper half. I see icons in the documentation for a show/hide for several parts of the windows, but they aren’t there. Then I am told I can restore them with the context menu. Except, I cant find the right place to mouse over, ctrl-Click, and get the icons back that would give me access to the rest of it.

Please take pity on the n00b — how do I get back to learning Cubase Elements 6? Where is the context-sensitive place to rt-click it back?

Wyylie is not feeling all that wily.

if you right click anywhere in the mixer, it brings up a context menu. Move the mouse cursor to “Window” and you will see options to turn on Routing View and Extended View. Hope that’s what you are looking for.


:laughing: Yes, you would think that once you find yourself in this situation, you would then try reading the “documentation” :laughing:

If you´re using Cubase Elements 6, you should read the documentation for Cubase Elements 6, not for Cubase 6.

I was able to find and download but one manual, that covering all three versions (with notes as to what’s missing from what version). It even mentions the problem: however, it says turn on through the context menu. Alas, wherever that context menu is, I haven’t found it yet.

Page 148 of the C6 manual :wink:

Cubase Elements 6 does not have the extended channel strip.
And the manual for Elements 6 is different from the Cubase 6 / Cubase Artist 6 manual.
The manual for three versions is for Elements, AI, and LE 6, none of those three has the extended channels - Cubase 6 and Cubase Artist 6 do have it.

Ah… nether it does, sorry for the misdirection, should have checked the correct manual. :blush: