N10.1: Is Transparent Mode Gone??

Robin, from what I gathered in the past 2 days testing wise, I can’t go nowhere near the clean setup I had on previous versions. Ill be posting links with screenshots on the respective threads starting tomorrow, maybe someone from Steinberg says something, its about time.


Ok, Ive attached 2 screenshots, one is from the workflow Ive been using since N6, the other from the N10.1 update. Keep in mind, the release version of N10 was just like the previous versions.
the background colour that I use is the stock one, the most dark one, either dark gray or dark blue.
The screenshot from the 10.1 update has the stock preferences that came with it, I’ve tried multiple settings, can’t get the colour scheme that suits me.
Am I missing something? I had to get back to N8 after this 10.1 update, this type of colour scheme simply doesn’t work for me.
Ill appreciate any kind of help from you guys, thanks.


Attached is how I have it set up which I find fine to use.

I love that color palette!!! That should be the default!!

Tried it already, couldn’t get used to it.
I like coloured waveforms, working like that since N3.
Why remove the transparent events option?!
I simply don’t get it.


Exactly. I just don’t understand the logic behind it. It was hard enough, even with the transparent mode, to find a color scheme that I could look at for long periods.


I’ve been working with the update for a while now, and all the new advantages considered, I very much still miss transparent mode. One of the big things is that regardless of track’s assigned color (I like editing with a solid black waveform on a gray background), and say for example the tracks are in a brown folder, the tracks all appear as brown. I categorize my folders by color. With transparent mode this was never a problem. In the present update it’s incredibly disappointing.

Now each time not only do I have to turn off folder color or move a track outside a folder in order to work as I like, I must also include the additional workflow step of cursing whomever decided in their infinite wisdom to “fix” what was never broken in the first place. This takes time.

If anybody has found a workaround for this particular problem I’m all ears. In the meantime, still waiting to hear from Steinberg here in regards to whether this was just an oversight or if we’re going to have to learn to live with the current degraded functionality. Please say something. We still love you. But this situation bites.


I’m okay with this change. It brings the Cubase code over to Nuendo which will hopefully mean there’s only 1 event display model they need to keep updated instead of 2. Of course it would be nice to now add additional options to that (like transparent events or the Cubase selection method if the user wants) but it’s a step in the right direction for sure. Now event names over events are actually usable instead of getting buried in the waveform as it was before.

With all due respect, this topic is specifically about the loss of transparent events, not about hypothetical postulations regarding how difficult Cubendo is to code or where it should go. The recent update presented lots of new advantages, none of which either have anything to do with this thread, and I (and clearly many others) applaud them.

But the unannounced and undocumented removal of transparent events is a problem for those of us whose workflow includes it. That’s why I started this thread.

I’d like to hear from Steinberg about this.


Hello Chewy,

first of all, please accept my apologies for the issues caused by changing the Event Display options in Nuendo 10.1.

I have just learned that this is a side effect from merging the Cubase with the Nuendo codebases. The Event Display settings in Cubase used a different technology than the one Nuendo had been using for the last few years, and reportedly the older technology was starting to cause incompatibility issues on newer Operating Systems, which is why the newer Cubase settings (with many more display options) was imported into Nuendo.

Unfortunately Transparent Events was never an option in Cubase, thus the current situation. We are investigating the feasibility of implementing this as a new feature in an upcoming update, but it might take a while until it is back in Nuendo.

Again, I am very sorry and hope you can find a workaround to keep working with the current Nuendo version until we can offer you a better alternative.

All the best,

Thanks very much. It would be great to get this option back.

Thank you, Luis. I very much appreciate your response.

As much as I value the improvements in Nuendo 10, the loss of Transparent Events does impact my general experience to the point where I’m not going to upgrade right now, at least until the shock and dismay work themselves out. I know it will all work out one way or another in the long run, and I do want what is in store with future iterations of N10. I’ve been asking for and looking forward to the cue sheet generation feature since N2, and we’ve all been waiting on video export. But as silly as it may sound, Transparent Events is enough a part of my modus operandi that its loss is, at least initially, keeping me from enthusiastically moving forward.

I hope Transparent Events come back sooner than later. I don’t presume to be anything close to a coder-- I don’t know anything about that stuff, but how hard could it be to figure this one out?


By the way, just to start a discussion and see if others are in agreement, I would like to have transparent events for audio only. For me I like the added color for MIDI parts.

If this feature is going to be programmed from scratch and others are in agreement, it might be just as easy to reprogram the transparent mode for audio events only or at least with a choice of whether to use it for MIDI tracks.


Something’s fishy here. Is Steinberg not aware of how big of a change this move was for a good portion of Nuendo users? I don’t believe that.
Ive been with Nuendo since V3, the " color" workspace changed throughout the years, but never like this, without even a note on the Documentation.
If your reasons to make such a drastic (imo) move, have to do with something Cubase related, Im sorry but that is pure laziness.
Im sorry if Im being rude, but the fact that some of us that updated to N10.1 wishing to take advantage of the new features, immediately reverted to previous versions after the matter, should tell you guys something about the major role that visual interaction with a Daw has, while working on Audio.
I really hope you guys will reverse this, seems like you guys keep on giving, but lets take it back also, and this time you guys took it back big time.
Anyways, thanks for the reply and clarifications, hope that Steinberg will acknowledge our concerns.



I support all of you guys! As you lost transparent events - I’m shocked by jumping fade and volume object handles following the cursor. Looks like it all came from cubase. It’s impossible for me to edit objects in such a disturbing manner. I’m post editor. This thing hurts me a lot. Steinberg! Please revert this!

Agreed, that colour palette looks really nice! I don’t like mine anymore.

I went from Cubase to Nuendo mainly because of the waveform display. I just need to be able to view the audio data, short of all this pointless eye candy as found in Cubase. I mean, seriously…who does this help? What does this accomplish?

You guys ought to take a sharp look at Live, S1, PT and dump this 90s bs for good.



I hope that when Transparent Mode comes back, it will be as it is in previous versions, WITHOUT those deeply annoying diagonal lines that show up on overlapping areas. They look like a GUI error, not a thoughtful design feature. Does anybody like it? The dark/opaque overlap without the slash marks is much, much easier on the eyes, as I see it.