N10.1: Is Transparent Mode Gone??

That’s an interesting point.

The thing that i would prefer if it was up to me would be to have separate choices with MIDI and audio for transparent mode.

I prefer transparent mode with audio but not with MIDI where I do like the color in the background as it makes it a little easier to see where the content is.

My personal palette is deeply different from Nuendo “Dark Mode” environment since, since… N5 ? N6 ? can’t remember when it turned dark. I was used to early Cubase then early Nuendo classic clear Project Window background. Now I have to customize everything, none of default color Preferences are kept.

So my issue is maybe very different from issues reported here.

I keep my Project window background clear white with a very subtle hint of blue. This palette worked very well for me for ages. I have set this color Preference within N10 as well.

Automation curves used to be displayed in dark grey over this clear background. But N10 displays those curves as invisible… I have now to fly pointer over Automation lines to make automation points appear. But curves still don’t. Very annoying.

Strangely, when Read automation is switched off, those curves do appear…

I guess curve color is linked to background color in a different way now. ahem, please developers make it back as it used to be and please don’t die ! love you guys.

+1. I would prefer that only the waveform will be colored.

This is the sole reason I bought Nuendo!

As a software developer ( obj-c, java, etc back-end and front end) the excuse of using the Cubase codebase and NOT re-implemeting a Nuendo specific feature is crap.

There is NOTHING in in Catalina for example, that prevents transparent events, even from some custom FFT imaging API. Hell in iOS from day one, you can get the waveform display and NOT have a color border surrounding it. It doesn’t matter the codebase you use, C, C++. Swift, Juce.

What matters is the use of an API / framework from the CHEAPER daw to crap out the UI of the more expensive daw. Yes I understand that you want to have a unified UI / UX for the user base, that’s cool. But , this is COMMON knowledge, the more expensive product IS treated different with more advanced UI. Not just a few extra features. But also UI enhancements.

When I worked at a major fin-tech company, the cheaper software got the cheaper UI, the more expensive software got the more expensive UI, bells and whistles.

Bring back transparent events!

The reason I’ve been with transparent events since around N2 is that audio is about AUDIO (shocking, I know).

An “event” is not something the listener hears. They hear audio, which is represented by the waveform. I really don’t want to look at a bunch of annoying colored blocks all over my screen, I want to see the resulting waveforms. Using a combination of transparent events, versions instead of lanes, and visual settings, with N10 I’ve finally been able to make Nuendo’s messy project window clean. I really only need to see the faintest line around the event, it definitely should not be the focus as I’m recording audio not arranging samples.

Bring back transparent events, this should be a priority, it’s not a minor thing.

Mentioned something like that on a post above.
Thanks for clarifying and validating my thoughts.
Insightful post, thanks.

Absolutely on point.

I remember when they changed stuff in the version 4 of Cubendo, and people were pissed.

It’s making me think of asking if transparent events will be a thing in Studio One…

I agree with everyone. However it would be a great option to have transparent events only for audio.

Is it back in 10.2? I don’t need to update if it’s not.

Also waiting for some kind of confirmation, not updating if they didn’t revert that situation.

Nope, not included in the update.

Well, no need for me to update yet.

Hope springs eternal. Is there any chance of Transparent Events returning in 10.3?


Well thats a bummer. I too was waiting for it to come back. I will not upgrade until it comes back. It’s that big of a deal to me. Ive used Nuendo since version 1. I would like to use the new Melodyne integration but not that bad…

Dear Nuendo 10.2.0 Team:

So. Tried to give, yet, another chance to the colour context without “transparent mode”, spent 5 hours on it.
Cant get a “deeper” track colour to work properly on a dark project background, and can’t stand a “lite” project background with black wave forms.
Always worked with strong track colours, and the closest thing I could get and tolerate, take notice that its just my user preference, was a white waveform across the board, but, after setting and saving those colours prefs, I came with yet another funny thing: THERE ARE BUGS ON THE SAVED SETTINGS ON THE COLOURS PREFS. Those will not save as expected, well, sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t!!!
Do you guys really think that in Post, we have the time to open the editor instead of staying on the project window, to edit a file?! Cause it seems like the sudden disappear of the “transparent mode” leads exactly to that kind of thinking.
Im now back to N8, mind you, payed the same for that N8-N10 upgrade as the people that crossgraded from cubase, oh!!! and also mind you, my first Nuendo rig was that bundled RME one back in the days, with RME AD/DA´s and Word Clock, N2/N3.
So, and after spending that amount of money throughout all these years on your products, can I at least get my preferred workspace back? it was there recently, but then, a “.1” update tried to marry his relative just to make things EASIER (?!)
Get your S#it together Steinberg, ASAP.

This is really frustrating.


Transparent mode is my favourite look. AND IT’S NOT ONLY ME!
So Steinberg please include it as an option.

Drum editing is almost impossible on the new graphics - TRANSPARENCY PLEASE


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