N10.2.20 Not a single Noise Reduction plugin in Nuendo 10.2.20?

Not a single Noise Reduction plugin!
All Nuendo 4.3 Restoration plugins no longer work because of being 32 bit.

All that functionality that we already had, is gone.

I just got handed an audio book to master, with some ambient noise in the tracks,
and I can’t do a thing about it in Nuendo 10.2.20.

Get iZotope RX and run it in demo mode if possible. I honestly think that the old DeNoise plugin is pretty much useless (sub-par) by today’s standards.

If you were here in NYC (are you?) I’d lend you a license to finish the job.

And for what it’s worth RX7 is on sale at the moment… $500 off on Advanced

Yeah, forgot about that. Last day today. I got the post suite upgrade for $299. Good stuff.

Thanks MattiasNYC, I’m in Toronto, Canada.

I know there are dozens of plugins out there, but Nuendo 10.2.20 is at $1512.00 plus $195.00 taxes it’s $1707.00.
With all the updates since Nuendo 1 in 2000, then Nuendo with NEK and all the Cubase VST versions before that,
it’s all north of $3000 or more (I don’t even want to add it all up) and functionality keeps on disappearing.

This type of noise would be easily removed with the previous versions, which I will have to use.
The point is the Steinberg’s team manager keeps going back and forth, giving and then removing functionality,
on their supposed flagship gold. It’s not always evolution.

Even free Audacity has free noise reduction, and Nuendo 10 removed all of it.

I am trying to imagine the responsible guy at Steinberg saying “ yes we developed this Noise Reduction Plugin,
with Tape A, Tape B, and capturing noise print features, since the early 2000s. Now let’s remove it in Nuendo 10
and no 64 bit version, or any version whatsoever.”

Frustrating to say the least.

Sure, and if Steinberg removes Halion and Grove Agent on the new upgrade,
I know another two great plugins on sale at $500.00 each that we can all buy.

Honestly though, I think the reality is that Nuendo is competing with Pro Tools for post production (as well as about three NLEs), and pretty much every professional post facility with Pro Tools (or Nuendo) has been running iZotope RX since at least version 3 or 4.

I mean, I got RX 2 years ago, upgraded to v4, stayed on that, and recently got v7 and just now the post production suite. Everywhere I go some version later than v4 is installed. It’s basically inconceivable here in New York not to have that available for a post engineer.

So I get that it’s annoying that a plugin like that is taken away, but I think the truth is that a very large amount of us never even noticed that it disappeared because we’d already switched over to RX. With the ability of Spectralayers to get tight integration I’m guessing we’re just a few versions away from better parity with RX as far as noise reduction goes, even if it’s at an extra expense. But I really think that it is better for Steinberg to spend resources developing and integrating that rather than port the old denoiser over to 64-bit and Nuendo v10.x+.

Again, I get that it’s annoying, but I really think you’re in a minority if you’re surprised and seriously negatively affected by it. And again, I wish I could help you out, but unfortunately I guess I can’t teleport my dongle back and forth…

I can understand your frustration. FWIW I’d highly recommend Acon Digital Restoration Suite 2. It’s much better than Nuendo’s old restoration tools and a good alternative to RX.

The plugins worked fine and we already paid enough for Nuendo.

For basic noise reduction work, and for some that RX just can’t touch, try Accentize voice gate (it is not a gate, it is a AI NR plugin).
I have RX7 advanced and I turn to Voice gate more often then I do to RX (workflow is superior and sound is often on par).

Thank you, but that’s not the point.
The noise floor was minor, so the previous plugins worked perfectly well.
The audio I am processing came from a client, and that’s what I have to work with.

The point is we had the functionality for several years, and then suddenly was taken away, and the price is just as high.

Being a high end expensive audio program, noise reduction should be part of it, should not be removed.

Addressing your points directly:

First, actually, the price isn’t just as high at all. It’s significantly lower than it was at the time those basic NR plugins were last included.

But your main issue, as I understand it, I agree with up to a point: It can be inconvenient to lose features that were included in older versions, even if they’re obsolete or of little consequence to some other users. Sort of like my and others’ experience with Transparent Events.

Even though I don’t miss Nuendo’s old built-in plugins in my own audiobook work-- they were never really beyond the “Sound Soap” level in my experience, and the “Elements” version of RX would do much more than the included ones ever did and wouldn’t come close to raising your Nuendo upgrade price to the what it was back then, I respect your loss, and feel your pain.


PS I second Mattias’ perspectives on the RX Post Production Suite. Costs more, but you sure get more with it. A remarkable toolbox.

Answering your points directly

First, actually, the price isn’t just as high at all…

You don’t speak for all of us here, many people here think we paid enough.

… Sort of like my and others’ experience with Transparent Events.

LOL! Still waiting on your amazing example on “functionality” of Transparency.

Even though I don’t miss Nuendo’s old built-in plugins…

Right, but some of us have work that involve noise reduction in audio tracks.

… I respect your loss, and feel your pain.


So nice of you.

PS I second Mattias’ perspectives on the RX Post Production Suite…

Yes but he also didn’t see your “functionality” example on Transparency.

. Costs more, but you sure get more with it.

Yes, you get more… and you get less in this case.

… A remarkable toolbox.

Right… no, I still think noise reduction should not have been removed from Nuendo 10.

You can try to open your project in Nuendo 4, apply NR, and continue to work in N10.
But there is a good chance that this doesn’t work either because the technology is so old.

The reason why they “have been removed” is simply because they were build by a third party developer, which means that Steinberg had no means & permission to maintain/service/update these plugins. Hence why Steinberg has completely stopped licensing/buying components from third party developers.


Get RX.

Price is lower. And we’re getting faaaar more than we ever did.

This seems like a good thing to me.


Agreed! And thank goodness. Some of the biggest pains in the neck I’ve experienced with Steinberg in the past have been directly related to including third party developer tools or libraries, etc. So I’m very glad they have phased that out. While in the short term it has indeed caused other issues or missing plugins/features/etc., in the long run it is much much better for us IMO, especially if Steinberg is put in a very difficult position by third parties, like when Apple suddenly dropped Quicktime security support on Windows, thus severely impacting the video engine situation. That precipitated Steinberg finally re-writing the entire video engine from the ground up, which I think is great for the long term. I never want to see such a critical feature dependent on a third-party again.

And there’s no reason why Steinberg should even bother trying to compete with noise reduction plugins now since there are some really mature/advanced solutions on the market for a great price. It would be foolish of Steinberg to even try, would take years and years, and I’d far rather they focus on their core strengths with Nuendo.

However, if they DID want to bring noise reduction tools back in house, then I think it would be best if they did it by acquisition, rather than developing from the ground up, sort of like what they have been doing with some of the new tools Steinberg has brought under their umbrella like Spectralayers, etc. In any case, I think Steinberg’s strategy of owning the technology stack of the DAW (except for computer hardware and OS) is very good overall. Hope they stick with it.

One other option they could consider for people like JDSStudios – is that maybe Steinberg could do a super promotion with iZotope for Nuendo users to get a big discount for RX, for those that still don’t have it. Just to give long-term customers with JDSStudios’s point of view some opportunity to get something to make up for the lost feature from years ago. Now I don’t know how JDSStudios already doesn’t have RX, since it has sort of dominated that market for years, but just in case, might as well give a promo to people like him, and keep focusing on other areas. Just don’t BUNDLE it with Nuendo or we risk getting back into trouble again. It should be 100% separate, and not tied to Nuendo at all.

I think it’s possible that it’s more likely that we see updated features for Spectralayers moving forward. Granted, it’s another investment, but Nuendo isn’t that expensive and relative to RX it would be cheap. I think it would be a great addition for those who prefer a more tightly integrated solution, not to mention one that’s “in-house”.