N10.2 Replace Audio in Video

Does the new Video Rendering feature restore the old ‘Replace Audio in Video’ facility we used to have in Nuendo, or do we still need to use external software now (ER Media)?

Or does the new feature always replace the original audio in a video?

Unless Steinberg implements exporting multiple videos by cycle markers, it might as well return to the goddamned “Replace Audio In Video” function, something that ER Toolkit does infinitely better.

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As far as I have seen, That feature is not here so far.

And for original video, well, no. In fact, Nuendo has only h.264 codec as of right now which can make a 500 MB video file (5 minutes length) a whopping 1.5 GB file, according to my last experience. That’s probably not the most efficient way right now. But I sense that some more codecs/compression technologies may come soon.

However, the exported video quality is amazing and we can even burn in the time code in the video from Nuendo.

That could come in handy, but usually I ask the video editor to burn in the timecode before he/she hands me the video, so that the everyone, including the director, are on the same page when it comes to making changes based on the same timecode. So unfortunately, I might not use this function almost at all.

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